Causes Of Cumulative Trauma And Stress-Related Injuries

Every worker is at risk of suffering cumulative trauma and repetitive stress injuries. Office-going employees, factory workers, and construction workers risk developing a cumulative trauma stress injury due to their work environment. However, they are entitled to seek legal remedy for their grievances with the help of a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer.

Reasons which increase the danger of employees suffering cumulative trauma and repetitive stress injuries

In many fields, employees are under immense pressure to yield large numbers of products. They are closely monitored to satisfy the productivity requirements of the company. Sometimes, the expectations of the businesses go beyond the physical limitations of the employees, which results in cumulative trauma injuries.

  • Labour jobs that require heavy and frequent lifting by their employees are also one of the greatest contributors to cumulative stress and injuries.
  • Labour jobs requiring repetitive gripping or forceful hand motions also lead to work injury due to consistent pressure. 
  • Employees required to perform tasks involving vibrating tools are also at risk for cumulative stress and work-related injuries. 
  • Jobs requiring lifting and twisting simultaneously or lifting weights far away from the bodies of employees are observed to be contributing to workplace injuries. 
  • Employees who work too many hours every day or week and get inadequate rest time are at risk of cumulative stress due to improper breaks. 
  • It is essential to have a proper rotation routine between various tasks as insufficiency in rotation leads to the accumulation of stress and decreases employees’ work efficiency. 
  • Jobs or tasks that require awkward body postures or positions without any movement or rest for a long period lead to back problems and other issues among employees. 
  • Workers who engage in repetitive tasks with poorly created tools and workstations are at risk for workplace hazards. Along with that, it also affects the mood of employees. They must be provided proper tools and given new tasks periodically to maintain freshness and excitement. 
  • Jobs that require the employees to do overhead tasks or work with extended alarms cause injuries when they continue for a long period. Along with that, tasks involving standing positions for a long duration are also harmful in the long run. 
  • Labour jobs requiring workers to bend, twist or reach for things continuously cause repetitive physical exertion and injuries. 
  • Jobs that require intensively processing words for a long duration or also one of the leading causes of cumulative Trauma. 
  • Working in an environment with toxins like dust fumes, fiber mist, gases vapor exhaust fumes chemicals, etc., results in many issues due to harmful exposure. 
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