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Categories Of Training And Development For Employees


Training and development entail sending employees for educational activities inside a company introduced to improve the knowledge and skill set of employees while giving out information and coaching on how to improve in certain areas at work.

There are several different types of training employees can undergo either at work or out of work but sponsor by the management. Some of the different areas where employees can be trained include:

Management Training

Employees can go through different levels of management training when they are qualified to be promoted to a managerial level or any other senior-level position in the company. Employers can always use employee tracking software to monitor the progress of the employees over the years so they can easily identify the best talent for a vacant position instead of spending money on a recruit. This kind of training is aimed at preparing the employee for the extra and higher responsibilities they will have to assume in the company.

Sales Training

Employees who work in the sales and marketing department will often need to undergo training to meet up with customer trends and also have the aptitude to better their selling and marketing skills. This type of training is important in companies that deal with physical products or services and since customer trends are always changing, employees need to know which trends are common amongst their target group and follow it accordingly. This training will greatly improve their productivity and sales rate in the company which makes it a great Return on Investment.

On-The-Job Training

When an employee commences working at the company, it is important to do an employee tracking to monitor their progress, to determine where they are lacking and how they can be trained to meet up with their shortcomings. Employees could get the training on-the-job, so they can quickly learn what their job role is all about and the skills they need to have to be productive and carry out their tasks effectively.

Mentoring Scheme

From time to time especially for recruits, the employees may be needed to work under the strict supervision of a qualified and skilled manager so they can obtain first-hand training about their job and what is expected of them. Working under supervision also gives these mentees the opportunity of getting firsthand experience as they are fitting in.


In-House Training

Another training category is in-house training, where the company can do different types of in-house training for different employees. One preference would be to have a more qualified member of staff in the company act as the trainer or get an external qualified trainer to aid in teaching the employees or managers the desired skills and abilities they need.

Personal Study

Employees can equally set aside time for themselves to individually study a specific topic which they find out to be of great interest to them. There are several amazing reference materials that can be easily obtained online which the employee can easily gain access to it and train themselves.

Blended Training

With this type of training, an employee can make use of both online and classroom training to learn a new skill which makes their work super easy and fast.

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