Caring for Script Tattoos

Script tattoos, just like any other tattoos, require some special care. Care for your tattoo is important because getting a tattoo is similar to a medical procedure since the artist uses a needle to get the ink under the skin. When you open the skin, you can be vulnerable to infections and scarring. Properly caring for your tattoo can prevent complications and ensure that the tattoo heals correctly. Both the tattoo artist and you play a role in the aftercare process. You should go to a licensed professional to get a tattoo but you should also know how to take care of your tattoo at home. 

Aftercare begins as soon as you get your tattoo. 

Cover It

The artist typically applies a thin layer of ointment over the tattoo and then covers it with plastic wrap or a bandage. This covering prevents bacteria from entering the skin and also protects the tattoo from rubbing on clothes. Keep the dressing on for the recommended time by your tattoo artist. This could be just a few hours but it also helps absorb any excess ink or fluid that leaks from your tattoo. 

Gently Wash

When you remove the covering in a few hours, you will want to wash the tattoo. First, wash your wands and then wash the tattoo with warm water and fragrance-free soap. Pat the skin dry using a soft cloth. Use an alcohol-free moisturizer on the tattoo. You should keep the covering off to help your skin stay dry and breathe. 

Wait for It to Heal

When your tattoo is healing, you should protect it from the sun with sun-protective clothing when you are outside. You should also call your doctor or tattoo artist if you have problems or signs of infection. You shouldn’t wear tight clothing over the tattoo or cover it with sunblock until it heals. You don’t want to pick or scratch at it either. Don’t immerse yourself in water or go swimming, but showers are okay. 

Aftercare Products

You want to use specially formulated cleaner for tattoos or just fragrance-free mild soap. Your tattoo artist may recommend some products. You want to avoid products that are made with 100% petroleum, such as Vaseline. These products can cause the ink to fade. The exception could be when you are showering. Since Vaseline makes a watertight seal, you can use it before you get in the shower in order to protect the area.

After two days, you can just switch to regular moisturizer as long as it doesn’t have any additives and is alcohol-free and fragrance-free to not dry out the skin. Some people use coconut oil on a tattoo and one of the benefits is to make it shine. Some claim that the oil keeps the skin under the tattoo from getting dry and protects against infection. This evidence is anecdotal and there isn’t any scientific proof that it works so it’s best to check with your doctor. Some also don’t use any moisturizers but this could mean the skin is more vulnerable to itching. 

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