Careers in The Education Sector You Should Know in 2021

Pursuing a career in the education field can be lucrative if you wish to make a significant difference in people’s lives. Professionals in this field are responsible for assisting individuals with their career development and play a vital role in their mental and physical health.

The education sector offers a broad range of employments to professionals with different backgrounds and experiences. It comes as no surprise that the demand for various professionals in this field is growing, and this trend would never change.

A job role in the education sector is not a walk in the park. Teaching is the first thing that comes into people’s minds when thinking about a career in education. However, there are plenty of career options in the education sector that don’t involve classroom lectures. Few rewarding careers in this sector are:

  1. School Principal

A principal is one of the highest authority posts at school. According to BLS, you will probably make a median salary of $96,400 per year if you are willing to become a principal, either at elementary or high school. School principals usually monitor all the happenings in a school and work collaboratively with the teaching staff to ensure a healthy learning environment. Their day-to-day responsibilities include planning teaching policies and implementing them, hiring new staff, and maintaining school discipline. If you are wondering how to become a school principal, in that case, you need to earn a master’s degree in education leadership to qualify for this position.

  • Administrator

Administrators are in charge of managerial functions such as managing admission affairs and helping students with financial help and housing problems. Planning budgets, taking disciplinary measures, organizing events, developing policies, and creating advertising materials are the other components of their job. These professionals should have to be detail-oriented, possess strong communication skills, and an enthusiasm to improve the education system. Some teachers who wish to advance in their careers switch to administrator roles within the school. However, they must complete a master’s degree in education administration before applying for this job. As per the US Bureau of Labour and Statistics, the education administrators’ field is more likely to grow by 4% by 2029.

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  • School Counselor

Paying attention to the students, listening intently to their problems, and helping them solve their inner turmoil are the counselor’s responsibilities. Rather than giving advice, they guide students to make their own choices. School counselors play a vital role in students’ development as they aid them with academic, mental, and emotional issues. These counselors can either work in elementary schools, high schools, or colleges. The median pay of these professionals is $57,040 per year. Applicants should have a degree in school counseling along with a license to pursue this career.

  • School Teachers and College Professors

Teaching is the most popular career in the education system. As a teacher, their primary duty is to teach students the skills and knowledge they would require to excel in their careers and land their dream jobs. They educate a broad range of subjects to students, including economics, science, math, arts, and many more. These professionals create assignments, tests, and projects to grade their students’ performance. Salaries for this role may vary depending on institution level, location, and area of teaching.

  • Special Education Teacher

Most people feel contented with their lives by helping out students with physical and mental impairments. If you have the same desire while working in the education sector, a special education teacher is a right choice. These teachers cater to the students’ unique needs to make them feel independent. They are responsible for creating individualized education programs (IEP) to encourage such students. To find what is in students’ best interest, these teachers set up meetings with counselors, parents, and administrators every so often. The median income of this career is $61,030 per year. If you wish to become a part of this rewarding profession, you must have a bachelor’s degree and a special education certification.

  • Textbook Author

Are you passionate about writing and want to pursue a career in the education sector? Then, the textbook author is the ideal choice for you. As a textbook author, your primary responsibility is to create and write for learning purposes. These authors conduct extensive research and follow the publishers’ guidelines to create content. A textbook author must have a degree in English, writing, or communication to practice in this profession. Most publishing houses employ these authors on a contract basis. The contract may include writing for one textbook or multiple books. If you are starting your career as an author, chances are your salary is low. However, with experience, you can see an impressive increase in your income.

  • Curriculum Designer 

Have you ever wondered who designed the course outline of the subjects that you studied as a student? A curriculum designer or instructional coordinator is responsible for researching and developing teaching syllabus and methods. These designers also plan the timeframes each course topic or activity must take. They monitor how effective a program is and what changes it needs for further improvements. Most institutions look for professionals with a minimum of a master’s degree in education. According to the BLS, the average salary for a curriculum designer was $66,290 as of May 2019.

  • Librarians

School librarians are the heart of the education system. They are responsible for retrieving information for teachers and students and managing resources within the library to ensure easy access. These professionals assist in finding information and recommend books to students that are suitable for their age. Librarians are also in charge of creating library programs and supervising faculty members. To earn a position as a librarian in the educational setting, you need to have a master’s degree in library science. The average income of a librarian is $59,500 per year. The job outlook for the position would grow by 5% from 2019 to 2029.

  • Museum Education Officer

Museum education officers are responsible for providing accurate and interesting information about the collections in the museum. These officers collaborate with educational institutions to promote museum education. They work together with curators and develop educational materials such as brochures and newsletters for visitors. As a museum officer, you must have excellent communication and people management skills. You will require a bachelor’s degree in art history or art education to become a museum education officer.


Patience and compassion are necessary for education professionals as they have to deal with a wide range of different personalities. However, the role of educators does not only restrict them to schools or colleges. They can also apply for organizations where they can develop training material for the workers. Individuals can continuously find various opportunities depending on their interests. To further grow in this profession and keep up to date with emerging trends and technologies, attending workshops and training is necessary.

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