Emerging Career in Filmmaking

If the showbiz frenzy doesn’t phase you, then there are numerous career opportunities you can bag in the film industry.

But completing a filmmaking course is only the first step. Once you enter the world of cinema, a day at workday can either be a carnival or a scene straight out of The Devil Wears Prada. Either way, a career in filmmaking is a soap opera you’d hate to miss out on!

Here are some of the fastest emerging (if not the coolest) filmmaking jobs you should be looking out for.

VFX (Visual Effects) Supervisors

Know what makes the Avengers series such a classic?

…Of course, Robert Downey Jr., but what else? It’s the mind-bending, out-of-the-world, visceral visuals of the world coming to an end. Except, every visual effect was the brainchild of a VFX team headed by a VFX supervisor.    

These green screens warriors (so to say) overlook the entire VFX project. Also, manage the different VFX artists working under them. And become the interface between the VFX studio and the director/producer of the film.

Before the production starts, they make various prototypes to decide the VFX required for a particular scene. But they are also “on set” workers who ensure all the shots are ready to include the VFX elements.

Sometimes, a VFX supervisor may be employed on a single film for over two years, depending on the production size. So, other than technical and creative finesse, the job requires a lot of patience.

SFX Makeup Artists

What’s new about SFX or special effects makeup, you’d ask? Well, it’s a level of artistry film-goers drool over! Seen Anushka Sharma’s horrifying look in the feature Pari? Or late Rishi Kapoor’s transformation into a barely recognizable 90-year-old? Some of the most iconic Bollywood characters were brought to life by an SFX makeup artist. 

Besides handling elaborate aesthetics, these makeup professionals also pay close attention to the on-set challenges of sweat, heat, and extended shooting hours. They can give the actors any look: wounds, deformities, animal features, abrasions, you name it!

If you’re skilled at doing professional makeup/cosmetology, why not give birth to unusual characters on screen? All you need to do is understand the script requirements and communicate with the filmmakers proactively.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of opportunity for SFX makeup artists in Bollywood. And since there aren’t many professionals with SFX expertise, you can expect to get paid handsomely.

Film Location Manager

You see, the days of lavish sets have been buried dead just like Shanti Priya’s body under the grand chandelier. Today, films are all about keeping it real!

And this is when location managers come into play. They’re the ones who scout and secure the filming locations appropriate for a specific project before the production begins. Meaning, they also handle the necessary logistics to make the location work – like securing permits, arranging for parking, paying the space owners, etc.

But that’s not all! Sometimes, they also ideate the imagined worlds for a film’s fantasy realms. Yet, they’re not actively involved in the film shoots. They only search locations for the film shoots, ensuring they are fit for filming. And once the ongoing production ends, their job is usually done.

Also, while they directly report to the production designers, they often collaborate with directors as well.

In Conclusion

As the demand for films increases day by day – with new players like Netflix and Amazon Prime changing the way we consume cinema – the need for professional filmmakers is only going to grow more. Clearly, the film industry has a lot to offer to budding filmmakers.

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