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The profession of a cook is very creative and exciting for those who like to treat others with delicious dishes and invent new mixes and flavors.

What are the duties of cooks?

Cooks’ duties include preparing food, managing food stations, cleaning the kitchen, and helping the chefs. A chef also creates menus in restaurants or cafes, and if you are a chef, you also monitor the entire team and manage the processes in the kitchen. A chef is also responsible for washing and preparing food, cleanliness in the kitchen, adherence to sanitary norms, serving dishes, and customer reviews. They also collaborate with waiters.

The profession of a cook has always been and will be in demand. Chefs are needed almost everywhere: from catering establishments (canteens, cafes, restaurants, hotels) to other public establishments (schools, higher educational establishments, and others).

How much does the cook get?

As a rule, the cook’s salary is calculated for one work shift. In addition, in some restaurants or cafes, waiters share tips with chefs. On average, a median cook salary in the USA is $29,250 per year or $15 per hour. This is the median salary according to data from different vacancies posted on job boards. 

The level of salary of cook depends on the place of work. For example, the salary of a school cook is significantly different from the salary of a chef in a restaurant. It all depends on your skills and the place of work. For a promising career in this type of activity are essential qualities such as ambition, a high level of training, the ability to organize the team’s work, leadership skills, and, of course, love for their work.

what do a cook do

What skills does a cook need?

  • excellent memory and taste, accurate eyesight, high sensitivity 
  • endurance (because the cook needs a lot of time to work standing up, and this requires good physical condition) 
  • ability to recognize the quality and freshness of products at a glance 
  • love of cooking and desire to learn something new.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cook


  • The constant creative process.
  • Having the qualifications of a cook, you are unlikely to lose your job.
  • Career opportunities.


  • Excessive physical activity. You have to work “on your feet” almost all the time.
  • Long shifts. As a rule, the daily shift lasts about 12 hours.
  • Risk of injury. Burns and cuts are often and can not be prevented because the kitchen is a very busy place.

How popular are cooks?

If there are many restaurants (cafes, restaurants, bars, etc.) in your city, you can be sure that there is a demand for cooks. You can also work as a cook at school, kindergarten, business, or family. So there are enough prospects.

Everyone loves eating delicious food; therefore, the skilled cook will never be without work. You can also work at school, kindergarten, or hospital. Career development involves development from assistant to a chef in a prestigious institution. In the long run, you can start your own business and open a coffee shop or restaurant.  

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