Can You Add a Top Tier to Café Style Shutters at a Later Date?

Café style shutters have been a popular choice for homes and businesses for generations. With café style shutters, bespoke panels are installed to cover only the bottom half of the opening. The top section of the window is left exposed, enabling the interiors to benefit from maximum natural light absorption.

All while enjoying the privacy afforded by the bottom panels, which can be opened or closed as and when required.

But what if you add café style shutters to your home or business, only to decide later that you would like to cover the top section of your windows as well? Is it possible to add a top tier to café style shutters, or is the only option to start again from scratch with a new installation?

Custom Shutters for all Purposes

The short answer is yes, adding a top tier to café style shutters at a later date is perfectly possible. This is where the benefits of bespoke design become evident, enabling custom panels to be designed, manufactured and installed to suit all types of openings.

Can You Add a Top Tier to Café Style Shutters at a Later Date?

Irrespective of the location, appearance or configuration of your café style shutters, a custom top panel can be designed to complement them perfectly. Your new top panel can be finished in exactly the same colour as your existing shutters, or in a contrasting colour to create a standout effect if preferred.

With no requirement to remove or even adjust your café style shutters, a top panel can be installed with relative ease. Depending on the size and shape of the opening, there may also be a number of options available – panels that can be opened and closed fully, adjustable louvres and so on.

Why Add a Top Tier to Your Shutters?

Questions and queries regarding adding a top tier to café style shutters are common. The appeal of adding a top tier lies in the way the resulting installation combines the best of all worlds.

When you add a top tier to your shutters, the upper panels can be opened and closed fully when needed. This means that whether you want to let in as much natural light as possible or perhaps block the direct rays of the midday sun, you can do just that. The addition of a top panel could also take privacy a step further, depending on the direction your windows face.

For homes and businesses alike, full-length shutters can often be beneficial over their half-height counterparts.

Is it Better to Choose Tier-on-Tier Shutters in the First Place?

Choosing tier-on-tier shutters in the first place can be more convenient and cost-effective than upgrading café style shutters at a later date.

Complementing café style shutters with an upper tier can be an affordable project and does not have to be particularly disruptive. However, it will always be much easier and cheaper to get the full job done in the first place, with one installation of bespoke tier-on-tier shutters.

For more information or to discuss the potential benefits of tier-on-tier shutters in more detail, contact a member of the team at Riverside Shutters today.

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