Can Stress Cause Diarrhea And The Reason Behind It

Our body has a connection with the brain that puts an impact based on our activity. Due to this connection, whatever we think directly affects our bodies. One of them is diarrhea. Can stress cause diarrhea? There is a nervous system present in our brain that is known as the sympathetic nervous system. The connection of our body with our mind is created through this nervous system.

Our anxious mind sends signals to our body whenever we are under stress. Now, this leads to the question: can stress cause diarrhea as our body and mind are interconnected.

Can Stress Cause Diarrhea due to the Interconnection of Body and Mind?

Anxiety is considered as one kind of mental disease that also leads to physical weakness. One’s body cannot function properly when one suffers from anxiety. Now, many people ask does anxiety causes diarrhea due to frequent incidents of diarrhea. Getting diarrhea due to anxiety is one of the common things. This problem is experienced by many people but is still unknown to many people. But you can take Anti-Diarrheal 2MG 200 Caplets by SDA Labs for quick relief.

Our body acts differently due to the presence of different hormones. There are hormones present in our body that are responsible for causing diarrhea due to stress. These are known as stress hormones and they become active when the human mind goes through any kind of stress. A stress hormone is released, the stomach and small intestines start to respond to that hormone. The entire system that involves the stomach and small intestine is known as the enteric nervous system.

Can Stress Cause Diarrhea And The Reason Behind It

The activities of the enteric nervous system slow down when the body receives stress hormones. Besides the stomach and small intestines, stress hormones also inflamed the large intestine with bacteria. Whenever the stress hormone is released our bodies try to act up and remove the harmful toxins. This activity of the body is one of the main reasons behind causing diarrhea.

Therefore, what causes diarrhea normally has no similarity with diarrhea caused by stress. Normally people have diarrhea due to food, impaired immunity system, unhealthy lifestyle, and many more. But the reason behind the stress caused by diarrhea is the hormonal release to our body.

Connection Between Stress and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

People with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) are more likely to react to stress. This syndrome sometimes resides for a temporary period in the human body or might last lifelong. The common symptoms of this syndrome are frequent stomach cramps and diarrhea. Sometimes it also causes constipation instead of diarrhea.

Now, people who have IBS have a type of colon in their body that becomes more reactive to stress. A person without IBS is less reactive to stress as their colons are not that much sensitive. Now, can stress cause diarrhea for two weeks is the most common question among IBS sufferers. Because their bodies react quickly while they are under stress. This causes them to suffer from diarrhea for even more than 1-2 weeks.

Through research, it has been seen that people with IBS tend to have depression. Their depression is the reason that is causing them to suffer from frequent diarrhea. However, this thing has a cure with proper medication and a healthy lifestyle.

Ways to manage stress

One must consult a doctor if the problems related to dress crosses the border. Mental therapy from therapists always helps in getting away with stress. Along with the therapy session, therapists sometimes suggest medication to cure stress. Many people also want to know that can stress cause diarrhea as they suffer from bowel syndrome.

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Manage Stress

The therapists cannot help you fully if you do not help yourself. That means there is no alternative to following a healthy lifestyle. If you are derived from a healthy lifestyle then seeing a therapist won’t help much. The things that you must follow are mentioned below- 

  • Consumption of alcohol on a regular basis leads to massive stress disorder. So, one must avoid drinking alcohol for the sake of reducing stress-related problems.
  • Intaking caffeine is good when someone wants to remain active at work. But people suffering from stress diarrhea-related problems must avoid caffeine.
  • A hydrated body and mind keep a person away from stress. Diarrhea takes up almost 90% of water from our body. So, it is a must to have water and keep ourselves hydrated even before getting diarrhea.
  • Meditation and exercising help to have control over our bodies. It calms down our mind and puts us in a relaxing mood. A calm mind always keeps the stress away.
  • One should also look after his or her regular diet plan. An unhealthy diet plan can deteriorate the condition of people with stress disorder. One must consume less carbohydrate and more protein food. The fruits and vegetables must have more priority than the animal protein in the diet chart.

How to know that it’s time to see a doctor

Causing diarrhea due to stress is now a common issue. If the symptoms or the condition of diarrhea is normal then there is no need of seeing a doctor. If proper treatment is known then it is possible to recover diarrhea by staying at home. Besides diarrhea, there might be symptoms of vomiting also. People often ask can stress causes diarrhea and vomiting as they sometimes vomit when they are stressed.

Now, vomiting for more than 1-2 times per day without any reason is absolutely not a good sign of health. It is wise to consult a doctor if this extends to more than two times. Also, if the vomiting continues for more than two days then do not be late to consult a doctor.

Another important thing that people must notice is the blood. People also ask can stress causes diarrhea with blood as they are conscious about health. Usually, blood comes out from stool when someone has dysentery. Otherwise, for stress issues, it is less likely to have bloody stools.

If you see bloody stool then you surely have to consult with a doctor. Bloody stool indicates the presence of bacteria that damages the intestine. Extreme inflammation of the intestine results in bloody stool.

How to know that it’s time to see a doctor

Moreover, dramatic weight loss due to stress is not a good sign. This indicates that the stress is causing more harm to your body than the usual harming rate. Due to stress people seem to eat less. This is why people ask can stress causes loss of appetite and diarrhea for their less interest in food.

But there is also a group of people who have the tendency to react in an opposite way due to stress. That means they have the habit of eating more when they go through stress. It varies from person to person. Now, whatever the eating habit is, your body should not suffer weight loss. There are also such cases where people are losing weight even after eating more. So, people facing extreme weight loss should consult a doctor about their anxiety issues.

Getting diarrhea at night is also not a good reason. Someone experiencing this problem for a long time should consult a doctor for the improvement of their health condition. Also, sometimes people find it hard to swallow food. This includes the symptoms of stress. This also results in gastric problems and stomach cramps. If all these symptoms continue for more than 2-3 weeks then doctor consultation is a must. 

Ways to Fix Stomach Pain Caused due to Stress

People suffering from stomach pain due to stress can control their pain. Before turning the stomach pain into diarrhea, there are some methods that one can follow to reduce the pain. These techniques will not guarantee you a permanent cure but they will give you a short relief.

Calming down your mind is the best solution when stomach pain arises. You have to free your brain from anxiety by taking a deep breath. Giving signals to the brain to slow down the stress rate helps to reduce stomach pain.

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Then you need to free up your body and for this you can go outside to take a walk. Walking outside will also let you intake fresh air and clear up your mind. So, this method helps to keep the mind diverted from stress. Moreover, doing yoga or meditation will stretch out your body. This stretching will relax both your body and mind.

Then you have to take control over your mind by saying compassionate words to yourself. You have to think like the way that you would have done if someone else was in your show. That means you have to treat yourself in a gentle way. You have to make yourself relaxed by taking a moment for self- compassion.

To make your situation easier, you can call your loved ones. Sharing your problems with your loved ones helps to relieve all the stress. After having a supporting conversation you can ease your mind and relax. The support from your loved ones will give you the courage to perform challenging activities.

Time Duration of the Diarrhea Caused due to Stress

Due to stress and anxiety, many people go through panic attacks. People go through extreme stomach pain as well as chest pain for the release of stress hormones.

To know the severity of their problem, people often ask how long does stress diarrhea last. The duration of diarrhea caused due to stress is up to 3 days. If diarrhea and other symptoms last more than 3days then one must immediately consult a doctor.

Now, one must work according to the demand of their body. At the time of diarrhea caused due to stress, it is wise to have blended food. It is better not to have spicy food as it can deteriorate the health condition. The reason behind such a kind of stress disorder can be genetic or environmental reasons.

Ways to Avoid Stress

There are certain things that accelerate the stress rate of your body. The one effective method to get rid of stress is to avoid those things.

One has to take a proper look over the medicines that they intake daily. There are certain kinds of medicines that lead to stress. As per research, it is believed that women have more possibilities of having stress-related problems as they intake birth control pills. Besides birth control pills, some cough syrup also results in stress. Also, skipping meals and negative thoughts cause stress among people.

Another important thing one must do is to think less about the financial condition. The tension related to financial problems leads to stress. Also, one must avoid these things in order to avoid stress.


What is stress poop?

There are some hormones in our body that are released due to stress. Those hormones affect our enteric nervous system and cause diarrhea. There are higher possibilities of increasing the rate of stool for stress. Sometimes, the opposite thing also happens. People seem to suffer from constipation due to stress.

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Can stress cause diarrhea for days?

When someone suffers from diarrhea on a regular basis then it leads to inflammatory bowel disease. This makes a person suffer from diarrhea regularly due to anxiety.

Can anxiety give you instant diarrhea?

Anxiety can lead to instant stomach pain and this might extend to diarrhea. Anxiety helps the body to release stress hormones. Our digestive tract gets affected in a negative way due to those hormones. This also causes the chemical imbalance by getting a signal of hormonal release.

What helps nervous diarrhea?

Diarrhea itself is not an easy thing to handle. It becomes more painful when this stress comes in addition to diarrhea. In order to restore the nervous and digestive system, one can take IMODIUM products. This product contains Loperamide that reduces anxiety and provides ease to the digestive system.


The stress hormones affect the stomach and the small intestines. This effect leads to diarrhea and other symptoms like weight loss, bowel syndrome, and nausea. One will get the answer to the question: can stress cause diarrhea from this article. This article also contains some useful tips that will surely help to reduce stress.