Can Spider Solitaire Improve Your Well-being?

Solitaire is definitely one of the most popular card games in the world. For decades now, hordes of people have been playing this game. Other than entertainment and engagement, the game offers psychological benefits like calming the mind, teaching delayed gratification, and so much more.

The game is quite addictive, which is why people continue showing their appreciation for it. While Solitaire continues to be popular, there are different variations of the game that people enjoy playing today, and one of them is Spider Solitaire. The game is deceivingly quick and straightforward to learn. You can play the game on your tablet or smartphone if you download Spider Solitaire.

The game appears to be straightforward at first glance, but it is pretty complex. It comes with nuances that make each attempt different. You might already know how entertaining and engaging the game is, but do you know it comes with several health benefits?

Benefits of Spider Solitaire

Let’s have a look at some benefits you’ll enjoy every time you opt to play Spider Solitaire on your phone.

Improves motor skills

Playing card games like Spider Solitaire is beyond brain activity. It includes repetitive card movements, which demand excellent hand-eye coordination. These slight, simplistic movements can help kids and adults.

When playing the game on your smartphone, you need to swipe and tap the screen to move the cards around. It requires fine motor skills for completing such activities, and when you do those tasks repetitively, you improve your motor skills in the long term.

Augments memory function

Playing Spider Solitaire goes a long way in accentuating your memory. Excellent memory skills are not a core requirement of the game, but better memory skills will increase your chances of winning the game.

Enhances mental skills

The game Spider Solitaire is a light mental activity where you need to use your brain. All of your moves must be calculated and strategized. If you randomly place cards, you’ll end up filling empty spaces without scoring points. It is crucial to analyze every card and then play your move. So, the more you play the game, the better you will get at assessing and strategizing. One can even implement these skills in real life.

Teaches essential life skills

Though it may not seem so, Spider Solitaire is one of those games that teach you essential life skills. Delayed gratification is one of those critical skills that you’ll learn as you play the game. You will discover that there are situations in life when it’s better to wait than make rash decisions. The gain that comes after a rational decision is so much more satisfying.

You will even learn that it’s alright to move a few steps backward to move a few steps ahead. Such lessons are invaluable when applied in real life.

So, yes, playing Spider Solitaire is not just for entertainment. You get to learn so many beautiful skills during the game. The skills can be applied in your everyday life to get perks. But before you start playing the game, here are a few tips to help improve your chances of winning.

Spider Solitaire tricks

  • Remember to move fully packaged builds when you’re building down your columns. A fully packed build refers to an entire sequence of cards, which appear in relevant order.
  • Try and uncover hidden cards when possible so that you get a new set of moves.
  • It will help if you make empty piles early in the game to store cards when you rearrange sequences temporarily. You can move cards from columns that have fewer cards than the rest of the columns.
  • When you start to build, you need to use the highest ranked cards. If you start with the lowest-ranked cards, your build will finish with an Ace; you cannot place any more cards on top of it afterward.
  • You can move your King card if you see open columns because those columns do not allow any other card.
  • It helps to focus on eliminating a column early to get an empty column in its place. As already mentioned above, the empty columns are used to store cards temporarily while you are rearranging cards into a sequence.
  • The face-down cards must be exposed quickly, so you have more potential moves.
  • Make use of the undo button to retrace your steps and play the right move. The button can be used as a Trojan horse, and it can make a massive difference to your overall game. So, do not forget the button when you are in a rush to place cards.

The tips and tricks of the Spider Solitaire game should help you to stay in the game longer and give your opponent a hard time. However, there is no guarantee you will win by strictly following them. You need to remember the game rules and play as many free practice games as possible to hone your skills.


The perks of playing Spider Solitaire might not be apparent right away, but you will surely improve your overall well-being as you continue playing the game. For starters, your brain will become much more active and sharper than before. What’s more, you can participate in tournaments and contests to win real cash prizes and rewards.

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