Can Hair Color Actually Damage Your Hair?

There is always a debate on the topic of changing your natural color of the hair with dying products that can damage them? This could be true because some of these products contain harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your natural hair even if used properly. With the possible exception of not dying the hair at all, there is little chance of avoiding at least some hair damage when using coloring products.

Permanent vs. Semi-Permanent Hair Color

There are two common methods for dying hair to hair color. Applying a strong, penetrating product that contains dyes, pigments, and chemicals that allow the product to penetrate the hair cuticle is one of the common methods. This method uses stronger chemicals to allow penetration into the hair shaft as well as using longer-lasting dyes. This results in a greater chance of hair damage. Hair that has been penetrated and soaks up the dye can quickly swell, causing the proteins with the hair to become brittle.

Another hair coloring method is the “semi-permanent” method which merely “dyes” hair rather than penetrating deep inside and changing the actual hair color. The dye is mixed with a bonding agent that allows it to cling to the hair shaft. As the hair is washed, more and more of the temporary color washes off, and the hair slowly returns to its natural color. While there is less chance of permanent damage with this method, improper application of the hair product can cause issues.

Caution While Dying hair

Changing the natural color of your hair requires the use of dyes and agents that are designed to penetrate and cling to the hair. Every time these products are used, there is the potential for damage to occur. Repeated application of these products by an inexperienced person is not recommended. Repeated use of harsh chemical agents can cause hair to become brittle and dry, which eventually leads to hair falling off or may cause other common hair problems.

Natural Hair Coloring Products

Some may try to use plant-based, golden hair coloring products in an effort to avoid the damage done by the chemicals found in other products. These products use natural plant and animal products to stair the hair to the desired color using a minimal amount of industrial chemicals. However, it should be noted that even “all-natural” products can cause hair damage if not used properly. There are remarkably few regulations governing what kind of products can be labeled “all-natural.”

Is coloring permanently damage hair?

Damage from the application of hair-dying products is most likely only temporary. Hair that has merely been poorly colored, bereft of moisture, or has turned grey will eventually be replaced by healthy hair (due to natural hair growth). Only in the rare cases where the actual hair follicle is damaged should one be worried about permanent hair loss or damage.

How to avoid hair damage

Preventing damage to hair can be possible by not coloring the hair at home, especially if you want to use cheap hair colors which are available in every drug store. However, with professional products and proper application of the color by some best hairdressers Fredericton, damage to the hair can be avoided. In addition, If you are planning to color your hair DIY, then you should ensure to perform a hair patch color test of your hair at least two days prior to using a coloring product to avoid any possible hair damage.

Pro Tip: Because Permanent hair dyes contain ammonia or other strong chemicals so it is recommended you should always use Semi-Permanent ammonia-free dyes. Permanent hair colors are only used if you have too much grey or white hair. But if you want to change the color of your hair for an event, then you should always go with Semi-Permanent hair color. According to some experts, it is also recommended you should use hair color occasionally.

You can definitely change your hair color without damaging them. You just need to follow a special hair care routine and should always use professional hair care products for the best results to avoid any damage to your natural hair.

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