Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples? Things You Should Know

Can bearded dragons eat apples?” This question arises when your pet is a reptile. You just can’t randomly feed them with anything you want.

You have to know the pros and cons of the food, whether it is any insects or any fruits you want to feed your pet dragon.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples?

Yes. Any bearded dragon can have apples along with insects. But according to their dietary management, there is a specific percentage of each item they should eat. The diet of the bearded dragons are as follows:

Bearded Dragons Diet And Schedule

Like all the other animals, the bearded dragons also have got a dietary requirement. But it is not constant. The diet of a dragon consists of protein and foods from different plants.

Since their percent of food intake changes with their age, you have to know about them before starting feeding your pet.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples

Younger Dragons

As the young dragons grow fast, they need enough proteins from their first 0 to 3-4 months.

For the younger dragons, you will need to provide them 75 to 80 percent insect protein and 20 to 25 percent foods derived from various types of plants.

The growth of the younger ones is very fast. Accordingly, the meat-based diet is very beneficial for them. Can bearded dragons eat watermelon? Yes, besides meat they can have watermelon also.

Besides, from this source, the younger dragons can have other vitamins and minerals too. Some extra nutrients like vitamin D and calcium are very essential for the growth of a baby dragon.

With the supplement dust of vitamin D or calcium, the insects can be fed. You can feed them a total of 5 times a week.

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In the remaining two days of the week, you can feed the insect with multivitamin dust. Can bearded dragons eat strawberries? Yes, you can add strawberries to their diet.

Juvenile Dragons

The diet of the bearded juvenile dragons is adequate if you keep in their diet 50 percent of insect protein and 50 percent of vegetable-based foods. Can bearded dragons eat broccoli? Yes, they can.

Simultaneously, you can keep fruits items into 50 percent of vegetable-based items. The juvenile time is considered from the 5th month to the 1 and half years old.

They should feed 2-3 times a day. You can let them eat for 5 to 10 minutes each time. When they become 1 year old, you will have to feed them 4-6 times a day. Can bearded dragons eat bananas? Yes, of course they can.

In the case of vitamin supplements, you should follow the same process for the young dragon.

You have to continue it till they become 1 year old. After that, you can give them the supplement only one time a week and the vitamin D3 or calcium up to 3 times a week.

Can bearded dragons eat cucumbers? Yes, you can give your bearded dragon both broccoli and cucumbers.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples

Adult Dragons

Dragons aged 18 months and more than that, are adult bearded dragons. The most interesting fact is, the adult dragons’ diet is the opposite of the younger dragons.

After growing enough as an adult, they need to take more vegetable-based food items. A total of 75 to 80 percent of vegetable-based foods and only 20 to 25 percent of protein are enough for them. 

Now you can ask-Can bearded dragons eat grapes? Yes, they can. You need to include in their diet 10-20 percent fruits into the major part of 75-80 percent. You may keep 30 percent plant, 30 percent vegetables, and 15-20 percent fruits in their diet.

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They need to feed 4 to 5 times a day. They need to feed fresh foods every day. As for the supplements you can give them vitamin D3 or calcium 2-3 times a week.

The multivitamin needs to be given only once a week. Or, Can bearded dragons eat carrots? Yes, your beardies can eat all these fruits once in a while. 

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The Importance Of Apples In The Diet Of The Bearded Dragons

Can bearded dragons eat apples? Yes, they can. Now, I will explain the benefit of including apples in their diet. We will take a 100 grams apple or a medium apple as a standard size for calculating ingredients in the apple.


Apple is a nutritious fruit. There are so many vitamins in apples. To strengthen the immune system of your dragon, Vitamins A and C are very crucial.

You will get Vitamins A (54 IU100gm) and C (4.6 grams/100gm) in apples. Young dragons need Vitamin D3 and Calcium for their proper development of the bones and regular growth.

To keep their vision fine and make them healthy apples are very supportive fruits. Bearded dragons often fall in the Tail Rot Disease. The calcium of the apples can prevent this disease in your pet.


Apples contain crucial minerals like iron and potassium. Irons give support for making the blood oxygenated when blood flows through the body.

To regulate the blood pressure, make the kidney work properly, and develop muscles Potassium is a vital mineral.

Carbohydrates And Fiber

To provide a continuous energy supply for the body,Carbohydrates help a lot.Fibers (2.4g/100gm) will let the digestive system work properly.

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Pectin the dissolvable fiber can decrease the chances of diarrhea and constipation. Besides, it can increase the potty because of digestion.

Apples are the source of both carbohydrates and fiber. Which will keep your dragon healthy.

Low Amount Of Oxalates

Oxalates are like phosphorus. Together with calcium, it can make kidney disease or metabolic bone disease.

As apples contain low amounts of oxalates, so you can feed them to your bearded dragons.


All living creature’s bodies remain hydrated through the water. An apple contains 86% water. Consequently, your dragon will remain hydrated.

Especially for those animals who do not know how to drink water from any pot.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples
Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples

Negative Aspects Of Apples

Apples are great for bearded dragons. But over-feeding of apples may cause problems rather than making your dragon healthy. Let’s know about the possible problems:


As the percentage of water is 86 in apples, it will provide a lot of water to your beardies. Naturally, the bearded dragons have come from the dry areas of Australia.

They have always lived without a lot of water. So excessive water will only become harmful for them. 

Obesity And Dental Problem

Apples contain so much sugar. Excessive sugars create problems digesting foods. Besides, it is also responsible for weight gain and dental problems of your dragons.

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Overfeeding of the apples may increase the chances of diarrhea too. The presence of the sugar may cause this to your dragon.

Liver Disease And High Blood Pressure

Fruit acid and sugar are vital elements of apples. If your dragons eat a lot of apples, then the chances of Fatty Liver Disease and the high blood pressure of your dragons increase a lot.

Metabolic Bone Disease And Kidney Stone

The bad calcium-to-phosphorus ratio in apples is normally 0.5:1. But the standard ratio is from 1.5:1 to 2:1.

If the dragon contains a lot of phosphorus and calcium, together they create obstacles to absorption in the blood. This is how it becomes the cause of Metabolic Bone Disease. 


Don’t Forget To Make The Consumption Smooth

Bearded dragons can eat apples. But you have to prepare the apples in a way for their consumption that they can easily do it. They can not consume the whole apples.

Because not all parts of it are good for them. Besides, they need to chew them properly too. The following steps will help your reptile a lot to consume apples:

Selecting And Cleaning

You will have to select fresh apples for your dragon which are without bruises, molds, and fungus. Select the ripened ones only as the raw apples are hard to eat for the dragons.

After that, clean the apple by washing it perfectly. Washing is mandatory as they come in contact with so many people before purchasing them.

Peel Off The Skin

You may ask, why is removing the skin of the apples necessary? Because the peels are hard to digest for the dragons.

They may suddenly choke the apple skin. Besides, there are chances of being in touch with chemicals to preserve the apples and different types of pesticides to avoid pests. If your bearded dragon consumes the poison, it may be dangerous for it.

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Cut the Apples

After peeling, cut the apple into thin and little pieces as they can’t chew like the way we do.

So it is very essential. It is better if you keep them in a size between the distance of the eyes of the dragons.

Remove The Seeds

Don’t forget to remove the seeds from the apples. Because seeds are rich in fiber which the dragon can’t digest.

Most importantly they are toxic too because of the presence of cyanide. By chance, if they eat a single seed, it may cause problems for your dear pet.

Keep Eye On Your Dragon While Eating

Now take the small pieces into a small dish and monitor it closely. In case it feels like a problem to eat the apple you will be able to take immediate action.


How Many Apples Can A Bearded Dragon Eat?

Apples are rich in sugar. So, you have to feed the dragon a few pieces of them in a week.

What fruits can a bearded dragon eat?

A bearded dragon can eat fruits like Apricots, Raisins, Mango, Plum, Peaches, Dates, Papaya, Kiwi, Melon, Figs, Guava, Pears, etc.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples Every day?

No, the bearded dragons can only eat apples a few times a week. Overeating apples will make them sick.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Yes, they can. But, make sure you don’t add anything in the egg-like milk, butter, or other spices. Cool them before feeding them.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery?

No, they can’t. It is a non-nutrient food with a lot of water which is not perfect for the bearded dragon.

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Last Words

Can bearded dragons eat apples? Hope, you have been cleared about this issue by now. The bearded dragons are reptiles.

They need to eat fruits in a specific quantity. It is good to feed your dragon apples along with other suitable fruits and vegetables.

Besides, overfeeding may cause problems too. Please, keep this in your mind while feeding your little lovely pet!