Can Amethyst Go in Water? An In-Depth Discussion

Can amethyst go in water? You will need to have an idea about it only when you have amethyst and want to clean it. Maybe you want to put it into your bathwater. Or may want to drink water in a pot with amethyst.

As it is a crystal and not every crystal is good to bring in a touch of water, you need to know whether you can keep your amethyst in water.

After thorough research, we have gathered all the essential information in this article.  Go through the article and you will learn whether it is safe or not to make your amethyst wet with water.

What Is Amethyst?

In the world of quartz crystals, amethyst is one of a kind. Perhaps it is the supreme choice of purple color gem in the world. It may be found in different shapes among rocks. It is born in nature with various natural ingredients.

Mainly it is purple. But there are other purple colors of amethyst too. Some are reddish-purple and some are faded purple. Do you know how many years it has been used?

For the past 2000 years, it is surprising. Yes, People have been using natural amethyst for ornamentation from ancient times. The use of polished amethyst has been started in recent years.

According to the Mohs scale, it has got a 7.5 to 8 out of scale 10 for hardness. So, it is easily imaginable that it is a very tough rock.

That is why they can be cut into various shapes. Amethyst can be cut into round beads, square or cubic shapes too. They are long-lasting and may be used to prepare any kind of jewelry.

May it be your bracelet, earring, finger ring, or other ornaments. Countries like South America, Australia, Namibia, etc. are the places where a huge amount of amethyst is found.

By heating the amethyst to a certain temperature, they can be turned into prasiolite and citrine. It is regarded as the birthstone for February and Pisces. Besides, it is also the stone for the 6th marriage anniversary.

Can Amethyst Go in Water?

To use any crystal, it needs to clean them properly. When amethyst is cleaned properly, the negative energy will be driven away. So, the power of the crystal comes out. But the question is, whether an amethyst can be washed with water? Let’s hear out now.

Crystals have a scale to measure their hardness. It is called the Mohs scale of hardness. The scale starts from 1 and finishes to 10. Crystals that have a score of 5 and more than 5 are regarded as hard. So, they can be cleaned with water easily.

Amethyst has secured its position between 7.5 to 8 on this scale. So, it is normally safe for any type of water. But too hot water may cause problems.

Because the heat makes the amethyst fade and cracks too. Can sunstone go in water? Yes. They are hardstone and can go to water.

Now let’s find out whether different types of water are safe for an amethyst:

Running Water

As the amethyst is hard enough to resist water, you can wash it under any running water source. It will not be damaged or soluble.

Can serpentine go in water? Serpentine can go in warm water but not for a prolonged period.

Filtered Water

You may use filter water to cleanse an amethyst. Thus the chances of mineral damage will be decreased. The charcoal water filter can do the same.

Can hematite go in water? Hematite is the compound of iron oxide. If it is put in water, it rusts.

Rain Water

Rainwater is a purely natural source of water. So the raw amethyst will be cleaned with rainwater properly.Consequently, the positive energy of the crystal comes to light.

Can selenite go in water? Gypsum is a soft mineral of sulfate. Selenite is a crystal form of gypsum. So, if you keep them in water they become dissolved into water.

Moon Water

Amethyst can be bathed with moon water. As the water is brewed directly under the moonlight, it helps to balance the energy level of the stone. Can moonstone go in water? Yes. They can


An amethyst will not necessarily react in a good way with water. The sodium is high in salt. It makes the cleaning difficult. There is a chance to damage the amethyst in saltwater. It can be broken at any time.

Spring Water

Springwater is another safe water for amethyst. This water contains the energy of healing too. It helps to restore the power of the stone.

Can opalite go in water?Opalite has a Mohs hardness between 5.5 and 6.5 and so, is completely water safe and does not react with water.

Benefits Of Amethyst

From the ancient period, it is believed that amethyst has so many benefits.It affects our mental health a lot. Let’s hear them:

Benefits In Water

If you rinse off amethyst with water it will show a beautiful glaze. Besides, the energies of amethyst are released in touch with water. In this belief, some people keep them in the ocean too.

Keeping them in the bathtub may assist you to regain the calmness of your mind and body. But you have to avoid other products to mix up there like the shampoo, conditioner, bath salt, etc.

Healing Power

Amethyst works as a natural-born tranquilizer. If you feel irritated because of any issues, it may calm your mind by balancing your anxiety, rage, and fear of mind.

Arises Spiritual Power And Sobriety

Amethyst has the power to raise your spiritual power by increasing psychic power. It helps a person to keep his mind sober.

Remove Sleeplessness

It is extremely helpful to remove insomnia. Besides, it lets you remember and understand your dreams.

Hormonal Change

Amethyst brings hormonal changes activating the production of hormones. In this way, the balance of the endocrine system is maintained.

Influences Immune System

Amethyst works as a warrior against the diseases of the body. It is also the purifier of your blood. As a result, the stress of your body vanishes.

Why Should You Use Amethyst?

Everyone will be surprised to know the reason why you should use the amethyst. The reasons are:

Use In Daily Life

You can use amethyst in the decoration of your home. It is believed that it brings the energy of fire to the house.To enjoy a blissful life, you can keep them in every room of your house.

Professional Use

To remove negative vibes and energy from the office or any workplace an amethyst is the best choice. Thus the workflow will be increased multiple times than earlier.

Saves From Panic Attack

Amethyst does not let your psychiatric mind take a burden. It relieves you from any type of panic attack.

Restoration Of Emotion

Many of us fall into emotional suffering due to the problems of our life. It increases the power to maintain the stability of the mind.

Mind Relaxing

Amethyst can occupy your mind with a positive thought. Thus it becomes easy to face any chaotic situation. When you sit for meditation, you can keep an amethyst with you. It will let you find peace of mind.

Purifier Of The Organs And Bloods

It is the belief of many that amethyst can purify the organs of the human body by cleaning them. It increases blood circulation by lowering blood pressure.

Remove Headache And Ensures Healthy Life

Headaches related to stress can be relieved through this crystal. It also derives your attention from illegal work and lets you lead a peaceful life.

Helps To Win Arguments

Many politicians and leaders use amethyst to win the arguments they face every day. As this crystal calms the mind, it becomes easy for them to win arguments.

Improves Relationships

With a sound mind, you will feel happier to form relationships with people. To maintain your relationship with others, amethyst is supportive.


Is Amethyst Waterproof?

Yes. Amethyst is a waterproof crystal that is beyond doubt.

Is Amethyst Soluble In Water?

No. As the hardness of amethyst is from 7.5 to 8 out of 10 in Mohs Hardness Scale so there is no chance to dissolve it into water.

Can Amethyst Go In Warm Water?

Yes. They can. But the temperature should not be too high. Otherwise, the crystal may crack because of high heat.

Can Amethyst Go In A Fish Tank?

Yes. The polished amethyst is safe for water. The fish will not be harmed at all. In addition, it will enhance the beauty of your fish tank.

Can Amethyst Go In The Sun?

Amethyst is a kind of quartz. Quartz stones lose color if they are kept in the sunlight for a long time.

Can Rose Quartz Go In Water?

Water causes damage to rose quartz. So they are not safe in the water.


We have discussed in detail about -Can amethyst go in water? After going through the article by now you have got all the necessary data related to it.

Amethyst increases both physical beauty and mental stability. It is not expensive either.

So, to continue the use of amethyst, you can go for it without any second thought.

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