Calculating The Average Moving Costs and Ways to Save The Expenses

The cost of moving to Ventura is both expensive and challenging. You need to wriggle your mind on a lot many factors apart from making a budget.

Planning well in advance and considering the cost-calculating process will give a better insight into the expected and unexpected expenses you may face and how to save money.

Cost calculation

The first step while moving your stuff is to determine the size of truck you will need. Calculate the volume of your items in cubic meters. For this, check out this cubic metre calculator to get an idea of the amount of space needed in the truck.

You simply need to measure the length(L), Width(W), and Height(H) of your item to calculate the cubic metres:

Item volume = L x W x H (in m3)

Always convert the value in meters to get the final calculation in m3.

Distance covered

Most professional Canadian movers typically charge differently depending on whether the distance covered for moving is short or long.

Local moving: if you are moving your items locally like furniture supplies or office supplies then the movers will calculate the costs based on the time spent while moving rather than the distance or weight. Payment is made for hours in transit.

Long-distance moving: if you are moving internationally or within Canadian cities then the cost is calculated by weight and time. It starts from $1000 and can exceed for long distances.

Get moving insurance

Check what exactly is covered in the insurance and what is not. Typical insurance cost in Canada starts from $100 and can be higher depending on the transport value and items.

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Other costs

  • Check the custom duties and charges
  • Housing costs in the new place
  • Buying new furniture, new appliances, clothes, etc.

Transportation method

  • Shipping by sea is the cheapest option: but most of them deal mainly with freight transport.
  • Air transport is the most expensive
  • Shipping by road in trucks is always the economical option.

Moving in the middle of the month

Canadian movers are busiest at the beginning and the end of the month. Therefore, move in the middle of the month as you can negotiate for a slightly smaller fee.

Pack things yourself

Many Canadian movers and packers charge for both packing and unpacking. At times, you may not have any choice but to pay for this depending on the country you are moving to. This is because the moving company has to present documents that they are not carrying anything illegal. Packing costs start from $100 and can be higher.

However, talk to the movers and you might save money by packing things yourself.  Movers charge for packing boxes hence, look for your own cheap, recycled packing boxes to reduce the expenses but you will have to spend on packing supplies.

Leave the boxes opened for them to inspect.  Similarly, you can save by unpacking the items yourself.

The average moving costs depend on a lot many factors and so are the costs of Canadian movers. Calculate well and get an estimate to know if it fits your budget well.