The Ultimate Buying Guide For Slow Juicer

An upgraded version of the standard juicer happens to be the slow juicers which are also known as cold-pressed juicers. Such a type of juicer follows the same principle of squeezing out the juice from vegetables and fruits. However, the unique thing about them is that they do it in a much slower, more effective, and more efficient way.

So, as an end result, you are getting a higher amount of vitamins and nutrients that will be retained in the juice processed by the slow juicer. If you are looking for an easy way to improve your healthy lifestyle, then you should definitely buy slow juicer online.

They are more versatile than a standard juicer and you will get a better-tasting juice with less froth and foam. Here, you will learn the things you need to consider to get your hands on the best slow juicer. So, read on to know more.

Buying Guide For Slow Juicer
Buying Guide For Slow Juicer


The motor power is the first thing that you need to consider when buying a slow juicer. If you do not choose the power of the slow juicer correctly, then you have to make a lot of compromises.

You will not be able to juice half of the vegetables and fruits accessible to you. If it has good power then the slow juicer will be better at extracting juice out of many different ingredients. In this way, you will get more out of them. You will be encouraged to try out new recipes and stick to your healthy diet.

Motor speed

The next thing to consider will be the motor speed. The motor speed will determine how much juice you can get out of your ingredients at once. It will also determine how quickly you can make the juice with the slow juicer.

A good slow juicer should have around 45 RPM of speed. Depending on the type of ingredient you are using, with a fast and effective motor speed, you will be able to get the juice out in a matter of minutes.

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Easy process

When you are about to buy a slow juicer online, you have to make sure that it is easy to operate. Most Singaporeans tend to have juice during their breakfast. The morning time can be hectic and you need to get everything done quickly and easily.

If the slow juicer is easy to operate, then it will not take too much time to get the juices out and you will be encouraged to use it at different times of the day as well.

The Ultimate Buying Guide For Slow Juicer
The Ultimate Buying Guide For Slow Juicer

Cleaning and maintenance

To maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to intake a lot of good ingredients. The slow juicer can make your life easier in this matter without any doubt. The right kind of slow juicer needs to be easy to operate and also easy to maintain as well.

If the slow juicer is easy to clean and requires little maintenance, then you do not have to spend hours cleaning them every time you use it. An easy-to-clean and maintain slow juicer will ensure that your precious time is not wasted which will encourage you to use the slow juicer throughout the day as much as possible.

There you have it; these are some things that you need to take into consideration to select the right slow juicer. You have the option to buy slow juicer online as there are many reputed websites selling effective slow juicers. Select such a seller and use the information provided here to buy a slow juicer that can offer exactly what you need.