Ultimate Guide on Buying Cannabis in Missouri

2020 was an excellent year for the cannabis industry, with new states legalizing marijuana usage within their borders. The year started with Illinois becoming the eleventh state to legalize recreational marijuana. It came six years after Colorado. Later that year, the first shops of medical marijuana opened in St. Louis in Missouri. Today, we will discuss how to buy cannabis in Missouri.

The neighboring states might be starting to get lenient about marijuana use, but the laws are entirely different in each area. Understandably, this factor has created a lot of confusion and doubts among the potential buyers. So, here’s bringing you a complete guide on buying cannabis in Missouri that will answer all your doubts.

The Legal Limits of Cannabis Use in Missouri

Caregivers and patients with valid medical marijuana ID cards issued by the DHSS can hold and buy up to four ounces of the flower. Eight grams of cannabis concentrate at one point in time, roughly two months’ worth of supply.

Patients can also choose to cultivate cannabis at home. So, in a word cannabis consumption has increased rapidly. People can grow at least six flowering plants each, along with six male, non-flowering plants. They can again grow six clones from the plant clippings. So, each patient can produce at least eighteen cannabis plants in total if they have the necessary ID card.

  • Adults 21+ will be allowed to buy and own cannabis in Missouri;
  • 15% tax has been posted on retail sales
  • Tax revenue from retail sales will be split between the Missouri Veterans Commission, the State Highway Fund and nonprofit drug addiction and overdose prevention organizations.

What Is The Right Dose of Marijuana For You?

The right dose of marijuana varies from one person to another. It depends on individual physiology, tolerance, and response to cannabis. The way you take cannabis and what you hope to achieve from its consumption is also essential.

Cannabis can have several severe benefits for your health. According to reports, you can use CBD-rich cannabis strains to reduce anxiety and nausea. Additionally, you might be looking for something that helps your transition from smoking cigarettes to a healthier and more feasible long-term alternative. First, decide what you wish to get from cannabis and take the decision about the dose accordingly. It is generally better to start slow and increase the dose once you are more aware of your capacity and need.

Like the dose, the first-time consumers’ experience is also varied. This is because it depends on the consumption and plant and body chemistry. You can ask the dispensaries to help you outline the right dose and help you with the suitable consumption method based on your convenience.

How to Apply For a Marijuana ID Card in Missouri

People who want to have a medical marijuana ID card need an official recommendation from a Missouri-based, licensed physician. The recommendation will certify that the patients have such a condition that they need medical cannabis.

Patients need to send the completed application and recommendation to the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) through its online portal within a month of receipt. It costs about $25 to make the application. You need an additional $100 for a cultivation ID card, and you’ll need to mention it in the actual application.

You can also designate a person as your caregiver. The caregiver can separately apply for a medical marijuana ID. The patient can assign several duties to the caregiver that needs him to possess, buy, and administer medical cannabis to the patient. Even individuals under the age of eighteen can apply for registration with their parent’s consent.

How to Purchase Cannabis in Missouri?

Caregivers and patients with valid ID cards can buy medical cannabis from licensed dispensaries in Missouri. Qualifying patients from outer states cannot legally purchase medical marijuana in Missouri. But, they can have it if they have a medical card or any such document that validates the use of marijuana in their respective states.

You can expect the dispensaries to start with a limited supply of marijuana for now. The cultivators and producers will need some time to develop their products for thousands of eager buyers in the state.

Patients can buy weed from trusted dispensaries along with topical tinctures, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, and flowers like indica flowers at the local marijuana dispensaries across the state. Dispensaries can get cannabis insurance from Feingold Companies to protect their assets, which means when something goes wrong they have protection and don’t need to recoup losses by raising prices. The Missouri law also charges a four percent sales tax to the dispensaries on any cannabis products. Along with it, additional state or local taxes are also applicable.

Can You Have Marijuana Openly In Missouri?

You have already purchased some marijuana. But where to consume it? The law does not allow people to consume marijuana in public. They can only use medical marijuana in any private place. Schools, businesses, streets, sidewalks, bridges, and parks are all public places.

It is illegal to drive right after the consumption of marijuana or when you are under its influence. It qualifies for severe punishments and even jail time in some cases. So, make sure never to use cannabis if you are planning to drive home from somewhere.

Summing Up

It is time to send in your application for getting a registered marijuana ID in the state. The expansion of the industry in the state is a positive sign of the growth of the legalization of cannabis. You can expect more innovations to come to the state as more dispensaries open their doors. So, buy it from the proper place and enjoy your dose.

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