Factors to Consider When Buying a Septum Piercing Ring

Septum piercing is not the most common, but it’s gaining popularity. The septum piercing is a ring worn through the flesh in between your upper lip and your nose, creating a horseshoe-shaped hole in the middle of your face. The piercing can be done in different sizes depending on what jewelry you would like to wear. Here are factors that you should consider when buying a septum ring.

Septum Piercing Ring
Septum Piercing Ring

Factors to Consider When Buying a Septum Piercing Ring


The jewelry material can be an essential factor since different materials have different advantages and disadvantages. For example, titanium is highly biocompatible but heavy compared to surgical steel. Leverback or clip-on septum rings are also an option for those not comfortable inserting a regular hoop through their nose.


The jewelry size is another essential factor to consider when buying a new septum piercing ring since different sizes will fit better on your nose, depending on the size of your nose. For example, a small septum ring might sit nice and tight on your nose, whereas a larger one might fall off more easily.


Depending on how broad or thick the jewelry is, there are different gauges for most piercings. It is essential to remember that the larger the gauge, the more comprehensive and thicker the jewelry will be with septum piercing rings. Some people prefer to have thicker jewelry, while others prefer thinner. Most septum rings are available in 8g-10g.


The price of the septum ring is another important factor, as some piercings can cost a lot more than others. Remember that you don’t always need to pay a lot for a good quality septum piercing ring. However, the price isn’t the most important factor when buying a ring for a piercing in a place where lots of bacteria are likely to accumulate.

Septum Piercing Ring
Septum Piercing Ring

Jewelry Quality

When buying a septum ring, remember to buy a piece of jewelry that has a high-quality finish. The better the finish on the jewelry, the less likely it will irritate your skin or migrate from its original position. This can be an issue with lower-quality metals such as surgical steel. If you have a nickel allergy, it might be a good idea to buy titanium jewelry instead of surgical steel since titanium is hypoallergenic.


A horseshoe septum piercing might be a good choice if you have higher pain tolerance since it is usually more painful than other septum piercings. However, this depends on your pain threshold and the jewelry placement, and if it was placed correctly or not. Also, remember that after changing your piercing, such as changing the ring, you might experience some pain.

As with most piercings, you must try to limit yourself on how many rough activities you do or what kind of jewelry you wear during those activities since constant friction and pressure can increase the risk of migration and rejection. Piercing guns should not be used if the piercing is not in the ear lobe.


Remembering some of these factors when buying a new septum ring, you will increase the chances of getting a good quality ring that will serve your piercing well. Like most piercings, it is essential to consider how often you change the jewelry and what kind of activities you do while wearing it.