Buying a car is one of the most expensive items that not only should fulfil your family’s needs but also keep in mind the other costs that pile up with it. You will have maintenance and repair costs, insurance payments, fuel, and other costs to consider.

Buying a new car through an online portal

However, the most important thing to consider is to decide the kind of specific vehicle you want, considering the purpose of buying a car. When you are buying a car in Slovakia, you get numerous options on online portals with accurate specifications, price range, and technical specificities. You get to choose from the various brand options from various Slovakian car companies.

Autofilter is one such reliable portal that offers new cars for sale of various brands and you can choose a car according to your family’s needs. They have all kinds of options whether you are looking for a new SUV, a spacious family car, a small car to drive in the narrow city streets of Slovakia, or a reliable new car for driving long distances.

There is no involvement of any car dealer in person. You can easily search for any new car according to your preferences through their advanced filters. Just select the brand and model of the car and filter.

With so many brands, models, and features available, it would be better if you research before searching on the portals so that you are not confused and have clarity on your needs.

Size of the vehicle

Figure out what should be the size of the vehicle you need for your family. The big SUVs are the most popular family vehicles due to their versatility and high ground clearance. They come in various shapes and sizes with four-seater and large eight-seater capacities.

However, if you are considering parking issues in Slovakia then buying a small car will be better.

Storage space

Space in a car is mainly needed for children and shopping. If you are considering a Slovak car with a third row, check the manual how many seats have anchors.  Moreover, if you have an infant or a toddler then you need less truck space than when they grow up and play sports.

Many Slovak car companies offer folding options for third-row seats to accommodate cargo. Some can be folded with a push button while others require moving the upper body. Test different options to see what your family needs.

Other things

  • Check for the interiors with cloth-covered seats
  • Advanced safety systems should be there with parking sensors, backup cameras, blind-spot warning devices, onboard vacuum cleaners
  • Check for the latest entertainment systems like DVD players, custom headphones, mobile WiFi hotspots, wireless phone charging pads, and more.
  • If you wish to go green then look for electric vehicle options though they are expensive options.

While a car might look perfect on the portal or the paper, check all the boxes during your research. Arrange for at least 15 minutes test drive with your kids including the Slovak city streets to understand the vehicle’s reliability.