Meet the Business Queens: Women Shaping the Business World

With much of the business world still reeling from the impacts of global challenges like COD-19, women have emerged as very influential leaders. Some have led international companies and employees through these uncertain times, while others stood as beacons of hope and fostered cultural change in their countries. 

Overall, women have played significant roles in driving positive change and growth across several industries worldwide. This article compiles a list of business queens going above and beyond to shape the world of business by leaving lasting marks on their respective industries. But before looking at each of these iconic women, let’s discuss the criteria used to select them. 


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In the quest to identify the distinguished ladies leaving a dent in their respective industries, it’s necessary to use criteria that eliminate any kind of bias. The selection process had to be free of discrimination based on cultural, nationality, educational, or racial differences. 

Therefore, the following four criteria were used to rank the leading business queens of this era. 

  • The size and relevance of their companies to the global economy
  • The heath and growth rate of their businesses
  • The progress of their careers
  • The socio-culture impact of each woman’s influence

So here are the female business leaders selected based on these four criteria. 

Women Impacting The Business World

Julie Sweet – CEO of Accenture

Julie Sweet has served as chief executive officer of Accenture, the multinational professional services company, for ten years. As a woman that oversees almost half a million employees, spread across 51 different countries, she had to lead her business through the myriads of challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. 

And he did a splendid job using different marketing tactics such as the best blogger outreach services to ensure Accenture expanded its online presence and capitalized on the pandemic to improve its online presence. 

Mary Barra – CEO and Chairman of General Motors

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Image by RAEng_Publications from Pixabay

Mary Barra has been in active service to General Motors for over 11 years and is credited for many impressive feats in GM. Some of her achievements at the American multinational corporation include devising the strategic direction of General Motors, selling vehicles in more than 125 nations, leading GM’s board of directors, and overseeing the everyday global operations of the company. 

Abigail John – CEO and Chairman of Fidelity Investments

All through Abigail John’s remarkable tenure as Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Investments, he has left a mark on the workforce of the firm. In 2020, about two out of every three new hires recruited by the company were either ladies or people of color. When other businesses were laying off employees at the peak of the pandemic, Fidelity recruited about 2000 new workers to serve as associates. 


Women continue to justify their inclusion in decision-making roles and prominent positions of authority in the business world. Employees, customers, and shareholders are among the people who have come to acknowledge these women’s impact on their personal and professional lives. 

As a result, we’ve seen a substantial increase in female leaders’ number and popularity over recent years. An excellent example is the first female chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. From top positions to political leaders, women worldwide continue to claim their rightful share of the roles previously dominated by men. And the six listed above are leading the way. 

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