Bringing your girlfriend from abroad to the UK

It’s no secret that falling in love abroad can be a beautiful experience but also a tricky situation to maintain. Many British guys have met the girls of their dreams on their travels abroad, share unforgettable moments with them and then when its time to leave they may panic about what the future hold for them and their prospective partner who could well live thousands of miles away. 

Benefits of Hiring An Immigration Consultant

Immigration lawyers in the UK often get inquiries related to this topic where British nationals or persons residing in the UK with indefinite leave to remain have met an amazing girl on their travels abroad and want to bring them to the UK to either visit or to live. The good news is that several immigration options allow this to happen. These options don’t only apply to girlfriends of British men from abroad but also boyfriends of British women outside the UK.

The two best possible ways that you can bring your foreign girlfriend to the UK are as follows.

  1. The first way is to apply for a standard UK tourist visa that will let your girlfriend come on holiday to the UK to visit you. 
  2. The second way is if your relationship is more serious with this girl and you want to eventually marry her. If this is the case, you should apply for a UK Fiancé visa, but this should only be done if you are planning on marrying your girlfriend within six months of her coming to the UK.

Apply for a UK tourist/visitor visa and bring your girlfriend to the UK for a limited time to visit you.

A typical case study applicable to this situation for an immigration law firm in the UK is, for example, a client calls up and asks can my Thai girlfriend come to the UK? The first question the lawyer would ask is, do you want to bring her here to live or to visit. If the answer is “to visit”, then the lawyer will advise the client to apply for a tourist visa for his Thai girlfriend which if permitted will give her entry int the UK to visit him for up to six months.

If you are making such an application on behalf of your Thai girlfriend, please note the following points.

– The application you need can be made online through the UK home office website; it is a standard visit visa application. 

-To help the application you should also include a letter of invitation as supporting evidence that lays out how you both met, where, when and if you have met her family, stayed with her in Thailand etc. You should include any details that support your relationship’s legitimacy so that it is considered authentic by the Home Office. 

-Provide evidence that your partner will return to Thailand after six months. 

-You must provide evidence of your immigration status in the UK, including copies of passports, IDs, evidence of accommodation, and adequate funds (at least £18600 income a year).

-Confirm that your girlfriend will stay at your property and that you have enough space to accommodate her. 

-A recent bank statement that confirms your salary and a letter of confirmation from your employer may also be required.

Apply for a UK Fiance Visa for your girlfriend

There is another possible route that can be used to bring a foreign girlfriend or boyfriend to the UK bu this is more long term as it can only be granted if you plan on marrying your girlfriend (or boyfriend) within six months of them entering the UK. 

A typical case study for this would be when someone calls an immigration law firm in London and asks I need a UK visa for my Russian girlfriend to come and live with me in the UK because we will get married soon, how can I go about this? If this is the case, you can apply for a UK Fiance visa which will allow your Russian girlfriend entry clearance in the UK for up to six months provided that you get married in this time. 

The main requirements of this application route include

-You must intend to marry your Russian girlfriend within six months of her entering the UK.

-You both must have met before and have to show evidence that your relationship is genuine and that you can also financially support you Russian girlfriend and provide here with an adequate, living situation while she is in the UK. All of this must be proved in your application by providing supporting evidence.

-You must be able to financially support your Russian girlfriend and provide evidence of your income, bank statements, rental contract and other possible requirements based on your application

-You must also provide evidence of your immigration status and get all your documents certified by an immigration lawyer before submitting them. 

A Fiance visa lasts for six months but can be extended if there is an extenuating circumstance to why you could not marry your Russian girlfriend in the six months of her visa being granted. 

After the marriage takes place, you can then apply to convert your Russian girlfriend’s fiance visa to a UK spouse visa, allowing your Russian girlfriend to receive indefinite leave to remain after five years. 

For more information about bringing your girlfriend or boyfriend from abroad to the UK, make sure you seek legal advice before starting your application process. The best way to do this is to speak to a team of expert immigration lawyers in London such as Gulbenkian Andonian Immigration Solicitors.

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