What Are Blue Cut Lens

No, Blue cut lenses are not harmful to the eyes and don’t cause headaches or anything. There are some advantages and disadvantages Blue Cut lenses have. In this article, we will discuss in detail the pros and cons of blue cut lenses, details about how it works, what it is, and why they are used.

We know that all digital screens are accused of emitting harmful blue light. Strong, energetic radiation secreted by blue lights and UV damages our eye retina. After a certain period, these damages are resulting in eye strains, headaches, and dry eye problems. The Blue Cut Lens develops around 90% of the blue lights.

These consequences have made so many people use the Blue Cut Lens. Wondering Is Blue Cut Lens Good For Eyes? Don’t skip reading. We will bring a clear vision of what to consider before you buy.

Advantage of Blue Cut Lens

There are several benefits of wearing lenses that prevent blue light. Here we are going to discuss a few of blue cut lens benefits.

  • Blue light emission is restrained by filtering out into the eyes. Thus, the blue-cut lenses prevent our eyes from being prone to less strain. These total things happen while we continuously look at the screen at whatever the radiance level is.
  • Using blue-cut lenses for a week works for people to get surprising results with bipolar disorders.
  • There is fictional regularity with photosensitive retinal ganglion cells. These cells are receptors that detect only blue light. And these receptors transmit to the areas of the brain that are connected to regulate the biological clock.

Such as the hypothalamus for mood and emotions and the limbic system.  Research says it has impressive progress in insomnia and mood in nearly half of the bipolar sufferers wearing blue cut lenses.

  • Using blue-cut lenses to protect eyes from blue light improves mania symptoms. Those people who got such results after wearing lenses between 6 pm-8 pm for seven days. And these improvements started just after 3 nights of use.
  • Blue-cut lenses filter off blue light, but a bit of greenish hue shows up with much better contrast. It offers a crisper viewing experience.

Disadvantages Of Blue Cut Lenses

Despite having so many benefits, there are also some talks on blue cut lens disadvantages. Not every user finds a blue-cut lens an ideal choice. Either way, the lens itself has some side effects too.

  • These lenses prevail massive fingerprint pulls. Plus, lenses need to care for them appropriately.
  • Blue-cut lenses filter off blue light, but a bit of greenish hue shows up with a warmer color tone.  Some people find it irritating and they never can manage to get used to it.
  • Direct sunlight or LED lights coming from the top reflects into the retina. And this also makes a greenish patch visible in the center of the glasses lens while exposed to direct sunlight or LED lights.
  • Using harsh clothing to remove any dirt from any Blue cut lens glasses may even end up bruising the anti-glare coating is one of the most annoying disadvantages of having blue light-protecting computer glasses.
  • The glasses with a blue cut lens shift the color of everything because of the yellow tint. This sudden change of colors often causes complications while reading the screens.
  • The blue-cut lens glasses increase topic vision loss. It lessens the visibility of colors. They do not safeguard skin or melanopsin, interrupting the photoreceptor that instructs the body to sense day or night. That indicates it causes sleep disturbances.

What Is A Lens?

What Is A Lens

A lens is a light-transmitting optical device. That process focuses or disperses a light beam using refraction. There are two types of lenses in basic, and those two types are simple and compound. Normally a lens consists of a single piece of transparent glass. And the compound lens consists of two or more simple lenses.

What Are Blue Cut Lens?

Well, a Blue Cut Lens is a lens that cuts off a large proportion of harmful blue light before it reaches a person’s eyes.

As a technical advancement in the eyewear industry blue cut lenses feature a coating. The coating is special as it reflects harmful blue light. Besides, the coating of blue cut lenses limits the blue light from passing through the lenses.

Blue light is spattered from the users’ computer and mobile screens and directly hits the retina. As a result, a long-term forecast increases the chances of retinal damage. Therefore, wearing eyeglasses with blue cut lenses may help in lessening the risk of eye problems. The blue cut lens is active for protection against harmful rays.

What Are Blue Cut Lens
Blue Cut Lens

What Is Blue Light?

For this article, It is very important thing to discuss blue light.  Blue lights are massive and assorted. It’s one of the seven shades of visible light. The available sources of blue light emission are,

  • Daylight
  • Computer screens
  • Smartphone screens
  • LED Backlit LCD
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Traffic lights
  • Lamps etc.

Blue light helps in maintaining the sleep and wake cycle. It also controls mood and keeps memory sharp. But sun rays are not filtered. It contains a large fraction of destructive blue light.

What Is A Lens
Blue Light

As well as Daylight fluorescent bulbs also offer elevated phases of destructive blue light. The rest of the sources are way too famous for emitting harmful blue light. I mean computers and smartphones.

Who Needs to Use Blue Cut Lens Product

For someone who works on a digital screen platform during the whole day. It is essential to wear glasses that have blue-cut lenses. To protect users’ eyes from toxic blue light which comes during daylight and from every screened device, they should use a blue cut.

Blue-cut lenses will especially benefit software designers and night drivers.

Hence, it’s instructed to adopt lenses with blue-cut filter coating for satisfying vision.

Why Should Use The Blue Cut Lens

Human life is too messy with digital devices and gadgets. However, continuous exposure to these devices can upset human vision. l due to blue light. awaiting from the digital devices of mobile research conducted by e-marketer X showed that the total time spent by mobile users in a day is up to 4 hours.

When blue light enters an eye, the blue wavelength directly hits the retina, maintaining the focus. This adds substantial pressure on the energy level of an eye. The blue-violet light infiltrates the eye even deeper. Which can be extremely helpful for the retina in the long term.

Digital devices are our main sources of unsafe blue light rays. Such as smartphones, laptops and computer screens, tablets, and television. People that have prolonged exposure to blue light rays hugely complain about eye fatigue, eye strain, or headache. Such harmful lights also lead to various diseases like cataracts or AMD.

Blue pop lenses discovered goggles. Figure produced blue contrast digital lens with exclusive properties.  Like a blue light filter, stare resistance, UV protection, and enter reflective coating.

This lens maintains human well-being by reducing radiation from screens. Which helps to prevent sticky eyes and aids better visual clarity.  And it is suitable for all digital screen types.

How to check the blue cut lens

There are several ways of blue cut lens test. According to the features of blue cut lenses, we can check which one should be chosen.

Pick a blue cut lens with a blue coating, a blue cut lens with a green HMC coating, and a blue cut photochromic lens.

First, bring a blue light to check how much blue light is going to be cut by these lenses.

If you flash the light on the green-coated HMC blue cut lens, there will be a mild blue light passing through this.

When you put the blue light on the photochromic blue cut lens then, more you can see.  The amount of blue light passing is more. Because this is a photochromic lens.

And next, when you put the light on the blue-coated lenses, the amount of light passing through that is less.

So, you can understand the fact that blue cut is a phenomenon. Irrespective of the coating, there are green and blue color coating lenses. Then, they are also cutting out the blue cut rays.

Next, the photochromatic lenses and it doesn’t cut the rays. So, it won’t be able to resist bad rays. Then you must find the actual blue cut photochromic lens.

How to find the best blue cut lens

Best blue cut lens glasses can be found by the criteria of users’ needs and use places.

For Indoor Users

We can’t avoid facing blue light whether we are in a room or under the wide sky. As we are used to being seated all day long in front of electronic devices that emitted blue light hence we can’t avoid it ever.

So, for those people who spend longer time in front of digital devices, They should choose the “Eyezen”  to defend their eyes from extended exposure to blue light.

For The Outdoor Users

Eventually, we have to confront the truth that the blue light effect generated by the sun is the furthest rich. It can harm our eye portion, and we can not even run away from this fact.

So, we should get prepared against the natural blue light and save our eyesight.

To ensure protection, we should use lens coatings that filter out fatal blue light. And blue lights let be in the welfare. Coatings are like,

  • Clear lenses
  • Yellow tinted glasses
  • Orange /red-tinted glasses

Color-coated blue-cut lens glasses provide steady safety for the eyes. And it doesn’t encompass the vision at all.

As an example,  clear protective lens coatings like Crizalare perfect for indoor and outdoor practice. It’s very convenient when used in outer space.

For Both Indoor And Out Outdoor Users

It will be best for using a blue-cut photochromic lens.  Which gives vision clear in low light conditions. But darken as well the light advances.

Above mentioned glasses are eligible for wearers of all generations.  Young aged people whose eyes conditions are still underdeveloped are especially needed to use these types of glasses with blue cut lenses for the vulnerability issue.

Prices For Blue Cut Lens Glasses

Order your blue-cut digital lenses and goggles for you. Enter your prescription, choose prescription type, and select digital protection of lens type. Select standard digital protection to add to the cart.

There are different levels of UV coatings on the blue cut anti-glare lenses that are cheap and costly both at the same time.

On the blue cut, there is a small UV lens tester to project pointed light through the lens. How much light will filter off depends on the quality of the coating.

The filtering devotion varies from 10% to 90% filtering. 90%  of one will cost you a tonne of coins. Like the Crizal Essilor brand, the cost starts from $43 to $212.

Zeiss may cost $39; Synchrony HMCs may cost $19 to $33. Nikon brand glasses prices may start from $65.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use blue-cut lens glasses all the time?

Yes, you can use the blue-cut lens glasses all day long if you want to. Generally, there are no negative impacts on the eyes by using lenses during the day-night hours. Perhaps, it may surprise the user.

Can a blue-cut lens cause a headache?

Blue cut lenses reduce the harmful blue light transmission ratio. In this way, it keeps the eyes away from headaches and other eye problems. It is used for preventing, not for causing, headaches.

What are the best places to buy blue-cut lenses?

Flexi glare, Warby Parker, Essilor, Crizal, and Zeiss are very popular to buy wallet-friendly glasses. They are very convenient while ensuring quality.

Can I wear contact and glasses at the same time?

Yes, there is no harm in wearing contact lenses and glasses both at a time. You can wear these, and they may bring you surprising results for the eyesight experience.


Around 33% of people today are constantly suffering from computer vision syndrome. We have gotten used to expanding the amount of time in front of screens.

We can not resist devices from emitting high levels of destructive high-energy blue light with a bare eye. Which leads to eye distress, visual fatigue, headaches, and insomnia.

Protecting your eyes from damage, the Blue cut lens reduces the secretion of a great percentage of harmful blue light. Use it for your good and see a calmer, clearer, even better look with blue-cut lenses. We hope you find the article “Advantages & Disadvantages of Blue Cut Lens: Are Blue Cut Lenses Harmful? ” helpful.

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