Blockchain-Based Games with A Cryptocurrency Exchange

Blockchain-Based Games with A Cryptocurrency Exchange

Games based on blockchain technology are considered games that use the actual value of the same genre of technology that is at the core of the most widely used and well-known revolutionary currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

They are new systems that bring an exciting advance; these blockchain games allow users or players to verify that their gender is different by giving them the possibility of sending anything to any person in particular.

It is a new capacity, and it is possible without spending the sale of your entire account to move a single item that the buyer likes.

All of this facilitates the growth of a new player-driven economy, where games don’t have to think of new impulses; instead, they will be able to develop new content that is tradable and holds the players’ interest.

Gamers are well adapted to various games, where they consecutively buy new ones every two months, driven to chase the latest and popular trends and the advertising cover.

Top games with crypto exchange

There is a wide variety of games based on cryptocurrency exchange with blockchain technology, but the most important are mentioned below;

  • Axie Infinity

Released in 2018 by Vietnamese programmer Sky Mavis, this is a game based on blockchain, focused on Pokemon. This crypto game, known as Axie, allows players to interact in a virtual environment and earn tokens, called AXS, as payment for their skills and real help in the game world.

Whereas Mavis provides the option for outside developers to create artwork, tools, and characters, which players can use to enhance the game.

  • Uplands

This game was developed by crossing the real and virtual world; Upland offers the power to sell, buy, and trade virtual properties based on real-world addresses, such as where you currently live but are represented in the virtual world.

The digital properties that come together in Upland do not have any association or autonomy over the properties to which they are related in the real world, although addresses denote real-life locations. The economy of this video game is stimulated by the use of an in-game currency called UPX (UP-EX).

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  • CryptoBlades

This game has experienced the issuance of its token, known as SKILL, and currently, this game is a set of activities with ambitious players who want to grow economically.

This video game is the cross between non-fungible tokens and the Fantasy Role-Play world; CryptoBlades is showing both sides what the process of introducing a popular gaming sub-niche into an NFT looks like.

In particular, it would have been better to wait for this idea to exist for a long time because of how excellent these worlds work together.

A realm of games is shown, full of fantasy roles assigned to virtual characters who win or create digital assets within the game environment.

It intertwines much more than the fusion between both worlds is a conjugation made in space, and this video game is making it possible.

  • Alien Worlds

This video game is a metaverse based on NFT encoded in the form of DeFi. Economic competitiveness and union between players are reflected or simulated, encouraging them to compete to win Trillium (TLM).

They are Indispensable tokens to manage and control the main world and place of the government of the video game, at the same time having the ease of entering other additional games.

  • R Planet

It is a system based on NFTs, which allows the possibility of benefiting from the NFTs that we have and are not using.

In addition to that, it is a creation game of FTs (Fungible Tokens) and NFTs that has a system of elements, which can be recreated again based on the essential elements such as water, earth, fire, and air.

By staking your NFTs in this game, you will be able to obtain the native currency of the AETHER project in a time frame of every 60 minutes.

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The amount of this currency you receive will depend on the quality and rarity of your staked NFTs from the various collections stored on the WAX ​​blockchain.


Currently, there are many ways that cryptocurrencies offer to obtain profits, and video games are one of the most attractive and striking that leave great rewards apart from entertainment and occupation of free time; based on the motto play to win, there are already many users that are part of this cryptographic environment based on blockchain technology.