Blackjack rules in a Polish casino

Blackjack rules in a Polish casino

When speaking about popular casino games, it is difficult to name more popular games than poker and blackjack. Today, we cannot tell from where blackjack, for example, take its roots. Different countries had their varieties of card plays, which eventually were transformed into the blackjack we know nowadays.

Cards denomination in classic blackjack
Blackjack rules

In Poland, this game is one of the favorites among gamblers. When you enter in your search engine casino’s online request, the offered list of games will surely include blackjack. Hence, it won’t be an odd thing to clarify the rules of this popular game among Polish players.

Blackjack types  

It will be wrong to claim that there is only one type of blackjack, which is always associated with the famous card play “twenty-one.” The variety of blackjack types is significant. Some of the types only slightly differ from the classic blackjack. The others have nothing to do with this game.

To understand this, you need to try this online casino game. And you do not need to have a deck of cards at home. There are more than enough free versions. However, the most popular one is, of course, classic blackjack. But  there are similar types that have the same roots:

  • Spanish blackjack – this version of the game does not offer 10s in the deck;
  • Blackjack switch – there are traces of blackjack and poker because it is possible to receive bonuses for some card combinations.
  • Open blackjack – here, the dealer does not hide their cards from the opponent.

However, there are dozens of varieties of blackjack. Each online casino may offer its special or even exotic type. But the classic blackjack is present in every Polish casino. 

Play scenario in blackjack game

There are some false images of the blackjack game and its rules. When to simplify its primary aim, the main thing you are going to do is to win at the dealer. How is the game occurring?

  • The player bets some amount of money.
  • The system of the online casino or the live dealer provides the gamer with two cards.
  • The primary aim here is to gain more points than your dealer or online casino provider.

When the number of gained points exceeds 21, then the gamer loses because it is a “bust.” That is why many specialists recommend stopping when you manage to collect a number of points close to 21. If the number of points is equal for the player and dealer, then they declare a draw. In this case, the bet is returning to the player. When there is no bust in none of the players, the player with the higher number of points will win. 

The right way to win at the dealer

There are several ways how to win at the dealer:

  1. To gather a combination (to draw the sp-called hand) that exceeds the hand of the dealer. 
  2. The dealer has pulled out a combination that exceeds 21 points (because of the bust).
  3. Get a combination of 21 points from your first two cards when the dealer has less.

Cards denomination in classic blackjack

When you play in the club in the live casino, they usually use the number of 312 cards. It includes six decks with 52 cards. Card suits are not taken into account here. Cards with denominations from 2 to 9 count as equal numbers. The same goes with 10. However, the same number of points will bring the so-called face cards (jack, king, and queen).

Blackjack types

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Ace is a special card here because it can count either as 1 or 11. It depends on the desire of the player who takes the decision based on the number of points they already have. In the majority of cases, 11 is chosen when the sum will not exceed in such case 21 points. 

When there is no significant difference on whether to choose a denomination of 1 or 11, such a combination is called a soft hand. But when you can take an ace only as 1, such a combination is a hard hand. 

Varieties of rules for bonuses

In Poland, online casinos often try to diversify the game process in order to make it more exciting. A dealer may offer various options for obtaining additional bonuses after you bet. Which are these offers?

  • Ideal pair – gambler bets that the first two cards will be a pair.
  • Jackpot betting – the main condition for the win here is the presence of more than two aces in a gamer and a dealer simultaneously. When there are four aces of one color, then the jackpot will be won. 
  • Bonus bet – it takes place when the two first cards are of the same suit. 

In such a way, there are more than enough interesting things that blackjack online casino may offer their gamers. Everything depends here on the exact casino and its desire to please its gamblers with more unusual offers. 

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