About Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallets: A Beginner’s Mini Guideline

If you have landed in this place, probably you are taking interest in bitcoin investment. If so, there are some essential things you should keep in mind to make your Bitcoin transaction flawless.

Once you have invested and bought some bitcoin, always make sure to store it in the right place. So, you might be thinking now, what is the most suitable place for storing the bitcoins? Hence, we have provided a mini guide for you to have some basic ideas about Invest In Bitcoin.

Bitcoins are generally known as digital currencies and it uses electronic wallets to store crypto asset. You can access the wallets only with a private key which no one else could have access to. It used to complete the transactions actually. The key is more like a sequence of numbers. This is all an automated system.

About Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin wallet is the digital form of a wallet where you store your cryptocurrency and make quick transactions to or from other wallets. Now, suppose you think there is a difference between a physical and a bitcoin wallet. In this regard, a digital wallet has information that is needed for cryptography. It is needed to get access to the address of a wallet while making transactions.

How does a bitcoin wallet work?

To send and receive Bitcoin, a pair of cryptographic keys is used. Public keys and Private keys are two of their types. You need to use the private key when you are sending bitcoin. In this case, you must take responsibility for the private key by keeping it secret. On the other hand, you are receiving, you use the public key. The public can be exposed and involves no risk.

A seed will be created when you attempt to create your own bitcoin wallet. It is used for the purpose of generating each bitcoin key that comes into use while sending and receiving bitcoin.

Types of Bitcoin Wallet:

There is more than one type of wallet available. In this regard, if you need to make an investment with bitcoin or any other crypto asset, try the new app. People around the world are highly acknowledging it. Coming back, below are the types of bitcoin wallets.

  • Mobile Wallet: If you regularly use Bitcoin to pay for stores or other types of business, you must have a mobile crypto wallet. You can use this unique wallet with the help of its app. You can download that in your smartphone easily. In your mobile wallet, you can keep your private key information as well.  It helps in transactions. The mobile wallet transactions have a simplified verification method.
  • Web Wallet: While talking about the web wallet, what is must to know is it uses a server to store the private keys. Therefore, it is always secured by the third party who also keep it on a constant monitoring.

    You can access the web wallet from both your desktop and mobile providing easy access to its users. Best part is, you can still access your web wallet while travelling. However, having an internet connection is basic though. However, it is essential to note that the companies operating the specific website may access your key. Needless to say, they have control on of the wallet.
  • Desktop Wallet: Desktop wallet is what you have in your computer or laptop with a hard drive containing the private keys. This storage facility is considered more secure than mobile and online wallets. In this case, you have full authority of your wallet and it involves no third party.


What we always remember is that digital currency is obscure. The bitcoin wallet lets you have easy access, storage, and spending facility of it. A lot of digitalization has taken place over the years and a lot more is to happen in the upcoming days. As bitcoin keeps gaining popularity more and more sorts of cryptocurrency are coming up in the market.

Each of these cryptocurrencies has certain advantages over other types of currencies. Every other day new forms of cryptos are coming up in the market which is well distinguished from others. Therefore, always do your research. It will save you from many inconvenient occurrences.

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