Bitcoin Usage

Bitcoin Usage: Where Can I Spend Them?

If you have been following the trades market for quite a long time now, then it would not take you much time to figure out that among all the cryptocurrencies in the world, Bitcoins Leveraging blockchain technology have been in hype among the youth and all the other age groups for a long time now.

Thus, if you are a new trader in the field, you might not know exactly where to use these digital assets in real life. 

For your information, there are several places where businesses have started accepting bitcoins as payment modes like in the real estate fields, grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores, restaurants, etc. Thus, if you are still confused about the usage of BTC, then the following article can help. 

Where Can You Spend Bitcoin online?

Here is a short list of some of the most popular online stores that let customers add money to their accounts with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies:

Overstock, Inc., headquartered in Midvale, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, is a major American online furniture retailer. was established in 1999 by businessman Patrick M. Byrne.


In contrast to wholesale, which focuses on selling to other businesses or institutions, retail aims squarely at individual consumers.

A retailer makes money by buying products in bulk from manufacturers or wholesalers and then selling them to customers in smaller amounts. Shopify is accepting Bitcoin now!


The Microsoft Online Xbox Store has been taking Bitcoin as payment since 2014, and they stopped taking it for a while owing to its volatility but have started doing so again because of the Xbox store credits it can buy.

Bill Gates has often shared his thoughts on Bitcoin, repeatedly stating that “Bitcoin is better than cash.”


Newegg has become a go-to destination for buying mining gear within the crypto world. They supply and sell a wide variety of computer components.

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NewEgg began taking bitcoin as payment for hardware after seeing how popular they were among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and Newegg has started accepting payment in the form of bitcoin too.

Numerous service providers accept Bitcoin payments either directly or via intermediaries.


The Whitacre Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas, is home to AT&T Inc., an American multinational telecommunications holding corporation.

The third biggest U.S. mobile phone service provider and largest telecommunications corporation globally by revenue, AT &T is another company that accepts bitcoin.


They’re well-liked in the bitcoin world for being a pro-liberty enterprise that accepts money for domain name purchases. Bitcoin is a convenient way to add funds to your Namecheap account, and Namecheap now accepts bitcoins.


In 2013, Geneva, Switzerland, was home to the launch of a corporation known as Proton Mail (also spelled ProtonMail). Emails sent and received using these services are both encrypted and secure.

Unlike other popular email services like Gmail and, Proton Mail employs client-side encryption to safeguard email content and user data before it is delivered to Proton Mail servers. Protonmail is now accepting bitcoin.

Where Can I Buy Stuff Using Bitcoin in Real Life?

Bitcoins may be used for purchases in the real world as well. While offline Bitcoin acceptance isn’t quite as widespread as online, many major retailers and dining establishments now accept cryptocurrency.


American ice cream and cake chain Baskin-Robbins is owned globally by Inspire Brands. In 1945, Burt Baskin (1913–1967) and Irv Robbins (1917–2008) founded Baskin-Robbins in Glendale, California.

The main office of the Baskin robins is now in Canton, Massachusetts. Baskin-Robbins is now able to accept bitcoin.

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GameStop Corp. is a multinational corporation based in the United States that specializes in selling video games, consumer electronics, and gaming accessories.

 The Dallas suburb of Grapevine is home to the company’s headquarters, and it is the biggest video game store in the world. GameStop now accepts Bitcoin.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot chain of hardware stores is the biggest in the United States. This is a significant step forward since now you can buy everything you need to construct a home using Bitcoin from Home Depot. Home Depot’s Flexa checkout systems allow customers to pay using Bitcoin.

Gemini’s integration with Flexa has eliminated the usual hassles associated with Bitcoin payments, making it a breeze to pay at checkout using the cryptocurrency.


At first, Starbucks’ decision not to accept Bitcoin payments in its locations in 2019 was a letdown for the Bitcoin community.

Nonetheless, Starbucks provided an update that refuted the claims on many fronts. To begin with, they would not support direct Bitcoin transactions. 

Instead, they’ll be teaming up with Bitcoin’s futures exchange Bakkt, and until the Bakkt app is out in the middle of 2020, they won’t take Bitcoin payments.

Since the software has officially gone live, you can use Bitcoin to buy coffee at Starbucks.


The above article has already given you enough information on the small details of bitcoin usage in rfeal life now. You can choose your best practice from it. 

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