Bitcoin Price History

Bitcoin Price History: A Timeline of Key Events

Do you want to know about the bitcoin price history? Do you want to get information on the price fluctuations of bitcoin? After bitcoin was introduced in 2009, it gained a lot of popularity in the world.

Bitcoin has made progress gradually, but it cannot say as consistent. There are many times when the price of bitcoins faces sudden ups and downs in the progress process. For more details visit the Home Page.

That their price fluctuates frequently. No institution makes controls bitcoin, and it is an independent entity. Bitcoin is considered highly volatile.

Some factors that affect the bitcoin price are supply, demand needs, regulations, restrictions, investors and user sentiments, etc. 

Bitcoin Price Determinants: The Main Drivers of Cryptocurrency Prices

In this section of the article, we will walk you through bitcoin’s price history in separate phases and its various setbacks and gradual progress. 

Phase 1

In 2009, the bitcoin price was not noteworthy. Bitcoin took its first step of growth on 17 July 2010. The price then increased in the first week of June 2011.

As the volatility property of the bitcoin, the price decreased in November 2011. And in 2012, the bitcoin price appeared the fluctuate. However, there were no drastic, and the sudden price rise appeared. 

2013 was also the bitcoin concerning time. The price of the bitcoin faces a gradual fall for a few years. 

Phase 2

At the time of 2015 and 2016, a fair share of ups and downs are observed in the bitcoin prices. The year 2016 are end up with the price of bitcoin in dollars.

In May, the price fluctuates and increases by many dollars. 

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And at the end of the year, the bitcoin price faces a drastic increase. This is the time when the bitcoin is turning to the mainstream, in which the investors are involved.

The halt and the global pandemic on the economy have also played an essential role in gaining the popularity of bitcoin. 

Phase 3

The price of bitcoin will surge once again in 2021. People have started to trade and exchange bitcoin on the applications such as crypto nation.

The price of the bitcoin reached the dollar in April 2021. But it seems to fluctuate again and fall in July 2021. 

After that, in November, the bitcoin price went up to the roof. 

The Most Important Factors That Affect the Bitcoin Price

This section will tell you some factors that affect the bitcoin price. If you also want to know about the factors that impact the bitcoin price, read the following facts. 

Demand and supply

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin prices are based on perceived value, supply, and demand. 

If people think that bitcoin is worth a particular amount, they will purchase it when they think it will raise its value. The bitcoin price continues to increase as long as it grows in popularity and its supply cannot meet the demand. 

New bitcoin securities 

Other factors that affect the price of the bitcoin are related to supply and demand.

It became the financial instrument that the financial institutions and the investors used to generate and store the value for returns.

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As a result, investors also create and trade the derivates. 

Cryptocurrency competition 

The level of competition in the cryptocurrency market is yet another element that influences the price of bitcoin.

Many different cryptocurrencies are giving continual increase as institutions, merchants, and regulators resolve the issues and choose bitcoin as the accepted form of money and payments.

The emergence of these cryptocurrencies may be attributed to the rise of bitcoin.

Lastly, if investors and consumers believe that alternative currencies will perform better than bitcoin in the future in terms of price and demand, then the price of bitcoin might decline significantly.


Anyone can see how susceptible and volatile the inflation and fluctuation of the price of bitcoin is simply by reading the article on the history of the bitcoin price.

The recent surge in the price of bitcoin has caused many investors to consider making a purchase.

And as a result of the high demand for bitcoin as well as its widespread appeal, an increasing number of businesses are starting to acknowledge it as a valid form of payment.

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