Big Eyes Coin VS BTC & ETH Is A Clash of Cat and Giant

Now if you have been following cryptocurrency for a while, then you might be well aware of it. 

Cryptocurrency is a virtual digital currency that allows payments on the internet. It does not take any physical shape and is not tied down to any country’s currency. If you want to invest in bitcoins then you can visit online trading platforms like Bitcoin News Trader

How cryptos created a wave in the investment market?

Cryptos became an instant hit amongst investors in late 2009 and early 2010. Its working model along with its ability to undertake faster transactions became a sensation.

Cryptos work on blockchain technology enabling faster transactions on the internet. It also uses the model of decentralized finance. This means every transaction is void of any regulations. The transactions on the internet are completely unregulated. 

Every crypto transaction goes through rigorous scrutiny on the network. Each user transaction is validated by a group of network developers known as miners. This type of data mining activity is spread across the network. 

How are crypto transactions processed?

The blockchain network is the building block of any crypto transaction. Every crypto token runs on this network. The blockchain stores every user transaction with a unique identifier tagged to it.

Other than crypto networks, today blockchain is used for various other purposes. Many investments including research and development agencies are studying this concept. Blockchain technology has capabilities beyond crypto transactions. 

The blockchain network allows to bring in automated processes and controls in place. Smart contracts are another advantage of blockchain networks.

If you have similar tasks running within the same frequency then blockchain allows you to automate them. The technology is also capable of providing us with data-driven analytics. 


Irrespective of being a crypto fan or not, Bitcoin is not a new term these days. The token has gained massive attention and widespread popularity in the past decade. The token has also been able to showcase immense growth since its launch in 2009. 

Bitcoin is a high-risk token and investors with a high-risk appetite alone can venture into it. The token came under the watch list of many investors way back in 2011 and 2012.

The prices of tokens increased by more than 100% making them lucrative and profitable. In 2021, the prices of tokens went all the way up to $69k.

Bitcoin is also known as gold in the investment market. The comparison is synonymous considering that gold is an asset that continues to grow. 

Many countries including Central African Republic, and El Salvador have legalized Bitcoin. Both these countries allow users to buy and sell products using Bitcoin. Additionally, Bitcoin also allows for higher transaction processing. 


If you know Bitcoin, then you also know Ethereum. It is yet another promising token in the crypto industry. Ethereum was launched right after Bitcoin.

The token was able to remediate various flaws in Bitcoin’s working model. The Ethereum platform was also flexible and scalable.

Today, various other tokens have Ethereum as their base technology to complete transactions. The ETH platform also allowed for the creation of decentralized applications. It also worked on the concept of smart contracts. 

Ethereum has also displayed promising growth since its launch. The price of this token was sold at $4k until late 2021. The token is also working on various other developments on its network.

After the crypto crash, the token is slowly showing its path to the green. The prices of the token have been increasing steadily making it lucrative for old and new investors. 

Big eyes coin – gaining momentum slowly and steadily

Big eyes coin is one such token that works on the Ethereum platform. The development team is in total support of complete decentralization on its network. This has made heads turn.

The token also allows for transparency and integrity in each user transaction. The token is also working towards establishing its credible reputation in the market. It has joined hands with two leading crypto regulators in the industry. This is indeed a milestone step in the crypto world. 

The token is also working to gain its position in the market. Through its pre-sale, the token has so far raised more than $20 million in market volume. This is a strong start for any crypto meme token.

The developers are targeting another $10 million. By far, the token is targeting to create a market volume of $30 million through pre-sale. 

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