Bheemante Vazhi Malayalam Movie Details with Reviews And Predictions

This past year of 2021 a new Malayalam movie was released on the 3rd of December in India. This movie has become the topic of gossip in internet cafes. Will this movie hit the box office according to its budget and story?

We already got a few reviews on this newly released movie. The whole story about Bheemante Vazhi is focused on conflicts of the landowner and road wishers. That story is even engaging towards the heart of viewers gradually.

Bheemante Vazhi Release Informations

Bheemante Vazhi is a top-rated comedy-drama from Indian Malayalam movie productions. This movie is directed by Ashraf Hamsa and produced by talented Chemban Vinod Jose assisted by Rima Kallingal and Aashiq Abu. This movie’s release time was set in April but released on 3rd December of 2021.

The release was postponed due to coronavirus spreading in India got a thrust in the middle of March. So they were bound to delay releasing. At last on the 3rd of December Bheemante Vazhi got released in Indian theatres for the first time. This movie also got released in Saudi Arabia on 9th December, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain’s theatres on 9th December 2021.

After a huge response on the first time released in cinemas, Bheemante Vazhi is now on Amazon prime videos. There was a huge response on digital platforms about this movie. People were asking about when Bheemante Vazhi OTT release date will come.

The movie became a hit in the box office collection within a few days and there are also good responses on the watch side of viewers. Countless movie lovers including us are waiting to watch that movie again but on an OTT platform. And now the appreciation and attention of this movie become even stronger after the release on 30th December 2021.

Bheemante Vazhi Cast And Crew Details

Bheemante Vazhi is a coloured titled movie. We are sure that you must’ve seen the trailer of this movie for the very first time before its release.  Director Ashraf Hamza chose the story from writer Chemban Vinod Jose.  

The lead character of this film “Bheeman” played the famous actor Kunchacko Boban. Megha Thomas plays the role of ” Kinnari” and Chinnu Chandni plays the role of “Anju Chandran”. The important co-actors from this film are Vincy Aloshious as “Blessy”, Jinu Joseph as “Oothampilly Kostheppu”, Nirmal Palazhi as ” Manilal” and Anand Bal as “Anju’s brother”.

Chemban Vinod Jose the producer acted as ” Maharasi”, Divya M Nair played the role of “Counselor Reetha” and Arya Salim as an Advocate in that film. There are more artists you will see Suraj Veniaramoodu as “Darsus/Manjali Theseus” and the popular Bhagath Manuel as “Oothampilly Caspar”.

At the same time important and interesting character played by Ashvin Mathew in the movie as “Cederic Simon”, Shabareesh Varma as “Bekkinakannu”, Binu Pappu as “Krishnadas”, Naseer Sankranthi as “Gulaan Paul” and the talented Jeeva Ianardhanan played the character named “Sita”.

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About Bheemante Vazhi

There are plenty of cool artists in this Malayalam movie along with Kunchacko Boban. Bheemante Vazhi is constructed by the famous director Ashraf Hamza, who debuted recently yet did such a wonderful job by himself. And there are all in one character in this movie who is the producer of this film, writer and the direction was done by him also.

We are talking about Chemban Vinod Jose who also played a supportive character in this film. Ashraf Hamza’s second movie Bheemante Vazhi is similar to his first Tamasha. If we try to discuss this Malayalam movie, it’s a relatable story based on a humorous and neat drama. We have seen the trailer and got ideas about the story that the movie tried to venture out.

This movie initially engages with the story of the road and the people surrounded by that. In every place, roads are the symbol of communication and development. This old worldwide simple theory was emphasized in this movie. People have shown huge interest in that road story performed by every character in this movie. This story is quite relatable to the normal village people like many have experienced.

The story focuses on the conflicts related to a road for the commoners. The road is known as “Vazhi Tharkkam” and the road causes a conflict over the ownership. In the movie the main character, a local youth named Bheeman, leads the responsibility to make sense of the necessity of widening the narrow road.

He was determined to achieve the goodwill to have a wide and accessible pathway for common people. The circumstances made many obstacles to the youth Bheeman but he doesn’t resist and considers facing difficulties. This road was an important part of village peoples and would bring many benefits if widened.

This is the reason the counsellor Reetha helped Bheeman with other locals who are also willing to help the development of the road. The local people also helped in every way to get the problem out. In this film, the story becomes more realistic by venturing into the difficulties in front of them. Bheeman worked hard to convince related families to give their land for the sake of the road.

And he also becomes successful in convincing them and government officials to sanction that project. In the middle of the movie the main difficulty comes with a wealthy and cunning villain. Kochepp is that wealthy, cunning villain who has toxic machismo and faux innocence. That guy is very annoying with his character and also invokes comedy. In short, this is the whole story of the movie Bheemante Vazhi.

Estimated Profit

(Bheemante Vazhi Box Office Collections)

This Mollywood film has a total duration of 1hr 55mins. Released on around 230 screens worldwide on 3rd of December. The movie cost nearly a total of Rs. 50000000. This movie got a huge response on its first release and earned above Rs. 20000000 on the first day. This movie became a box-office hit in Kerala on the very first day.

In several movie theatre centres, Bheemante Vazhi becomes the top 10 Kerala grocer. In 2021 this movie just played around a month and earned a huge gross within this time. Now this movie is also released on 30th December 2021, on the digital OTT platform. We hope this movie will run successfully ahead of this year. Critics reviewed this movie saying it will profit way more in 2022.

Critic Reviews On Bheemante Vazhi

Bheemante Vazhi has countless interesting insights. This movie already got a 3.5 rating out of 5 for its amazing simplicity and realistic acting. If we talk about characters in the movie, an old man is carrying back chickens on his shoulder, there was an interesting view of the story.

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And the character of the local councillor is very impressive. Characters like the funny one dog lover in the movie, a Kung Fu teacher, Darsus and the producer of the movie also made a supportive character in this film by himself.

The supporter character is mostly a silent observer and helps the main character to succeed in the ultimate mission. Spectators mostly loved Bheeman’s struggle and internal stories of conflict, the lead characters inability to differentiate the emotions and lust after women. It is also an interesting part of this movie which is about Bheeman’s attraction towards the ladies in various scenarios.

Bheemante Vazhi movie turns into a climax with surprising character turns. The lead character of this movie was played very smoothly which grabbed the viewers attention the most. All other artists’ splendid acts made the movie more engaging towards spectators. The director rooted this story with described energetic characters and the scriptwriting was effortlessly excellent.

This movie gives the realistic frame of semi-rural life relatable to commoners. The editing of the movie enhances which narrates the movie’s inner story. Vishnu Vijay managed the department of music in this movie and people love all the songs included in this.

Viewers Engagement

Bheemante Vazhi is a successful Mollywood comedy-drama. Within a few times, this movie got a huge response from people around home and abroad. We mentioned before that this movie is displayed in over 230 screen theatres worldwide.

People were most surprised to see this cinema once and started expecting to have it on OTT platforms. And their waiting was over when the movie premiered on Amazon prime videos.

There are a lot of fans who are running after this Mollywood movie. The movie’s lead actor was already very popular for his stardom and now this movie made him super popular after the first release on 3rd December.

Movie Summary

This movie got its popularity after a few days of release. The acting skills of every character in this movie are so overwhelming. There are already a lot of positive reviews on this just released movie.

One thing about the movie’s trailer is somewhat not engaging. The trailer doesn’t speak Sharp of the inner quality of this movie. The actual story of the movie Bheemante Vazhi provides better access to the heart of viewers. And we can see the effect of surprising popularity within this short period.

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