Best WordPress Plugins for Developers in 2021

WordPress is widely regarded as one of the greatest content management systems (CMS) available, and for good reason. It’s simple to set up on most hosting platforms, administer, and has a large community of application developers that can help you add features to your hosted websites and blogs. The plugin environment that evolved with WordPress is one of the primary reasons why it became the most popular website platform on the web. There are too many available plugins. So as not to confuse one any further, let us quickly dive into the list of all available plugins. 

Best WordPress plugins for developers:

  • Show IDs by 99 robots: WordPress removed the ID numbers from view to make the admin panel simpler to use (and, presumably, better to look at). When trying to draw in custom material via ID tags, this adds a layer of complexity and can result in some extra legwork. Fortunately, Show IDs by 99 robots can solve this problem. Every CMS coder should have this in their toolbox as it is very handy. 
  • RankMath: Rank Math is a newbie to the SEO plugins scene, but it has rapidly established itself. Rank Math is a game-like method to help you optimize your content for search engines, as the name indicates. Aside from that, the plugin has built-in SEO modules that you may use or disable depending on your needs. 
  • Smush by WPMU DEV: Page load speeds are important not just for customer experience (how readily visitors interact with your site), but also for how Google ranks your site – the search giant considers your average page load times when determining your ranking and dependability. With this in mind, astute CMS designers will seek out a method to eliminate anything that might cause pages to run poorly or consume precious resources. This is where picture reduction and stabilization come into play. Smush is frequently used by developers to compress and stabilize their pictures and it has over a million downloads. 
  • Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO has to be the most famous SEO plugin for WordPress as it helps one to write a page title, meta description, and other things. It has over five million active installations right now in the world. The most basic feature is its pre-configuration which helps to target your SEO recommendations. 
  • Query Monitor: When using a CMS like WordPress to build a website, it’s critical to be able to trace down any issues or defects as fast as possible. It’s critical to be able to analyze theme template files, API requests, database queries, PHP errors, and difficulties with hooks and actions. Manually monitoring code or site performance issues is cumbersome; a savvy CMS web developer will be able to automate the process. It is pretty famous as it has a million installations. 
  • Jetpack: Jetpack is amazing as it is free! Let’s have a look at some of its features: Improvements in security, backups, speed, real-time site metrics, social network sharing, related articles, contact forms, downtime monitoring, activity tracking, marketing tools, and more are all available. One stipulation: not all of these features are available for free. Jetpack is a wonderful option and everything a blogger may require if you want to take care of numerous distinct tasks with only one plugin.
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  • Redirection: Not all mistakes on a website are created equal. Not all errors cause a website to totally crash or become unusable. Anything can count as a mistake, whether it is a broken link or a 404 error. Furthermore, a decent broken link/404 redirection plugin should be able to identify and track broken links on your website. That way, you can address issues before they drive users away, erode website trust and authority, and harm your website’s SEO (SEO). 

Over 2 million WordPress sites utilize the Redirection redirect management plugin. It provides you a lot of flexibility over your redirect parameters and allows you to build conditional redirects depending on things like login status, browser type, in which the user was directed from, cookie settings, HTTP headers, IP addresses, domain servers, and page error type, to name a few. 

  • Updraft: Although WordPress is an excellent tool for quickly creating websites ranging from simple one-pagers to big, fully working shops, it is not without problems and limits. WordPress is vulnerable to hackers, viruses, and even poor themes, most of which are caused by users failing to update their plugins. All of these things can lead to site failures, downtime, and data loss. The WordPress backup and restore plugin has over 3 million active installations and receives frequent updates, which is critical for a plugin of this type.


Hopefully, this covers the list of some of the most interesting WordPress plugins that are available for developers. One can easily hire WordPress developers to help them with the technicalities of handling a website and managing the plugins as well!

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