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Hey, I am glad to see you here because today I got the opportunity to solve your queries about PUBG Optimization. What are the best ways to optimize PUBG? Below is your answer:

Here, I will be explaining to you the good and best ways to optimise PUBG on your phone as well as on your PC.

PUBG is the most popular game in today’s time. It also has a huge player base in India and all over the country. The game is so famous that now many brands and smartphone companies are launching their accessories keeping PUBG in mind.

In today’s time, smartphone companies are trying to make their smartphones compatible with gaming. Recently companies like Asus and Xiaomi have launched their gaming smartphones globally.

Actually, there is a need for high RAM in your device to play this game and the problem is that not every smartphone comes with that much RAM, so the users are unable to play PUBG smoothly on their device.

If your smartphone is with less RAM then even if it is, you can enjoy this PUBG game to the fullest in the lite version, although the lite version is slightly different from the normal version.

Its map is small and the graphics are also a little low. The features in the lite game are also a little less. For this, it becomes a bit difficult to play this game on your low-end device. For low-end devices, you can download pubg lite pc.

So this article will help you to know how you can optimise PUBG in your device to improve the performance without lagging. So let’s know about the best ways to optimise PUBG.

Is your smartphone Charged?

You guys must be thinking why am I asking you this question. Let me tell you that when your phone is less charged then try not to run heavy apps or games at that time. 

Try to play PUBG on your device when your phone is well charged. You will observe a little or less lag if you do so.

Also, let me tell you, do not charge your mobile while playing PUBG. If you do this then your mobile phone hangs and never plays PUBG while charging the mobile.

Keep Your sufficient Storage

If you want to keep your phone fast, then do not fill the internal and external memory of your phone specially for PUBG players.

These things also affect the performance of the game. So always keep the storage empty.

I would recommend you to use the Clean Master Lite app, it also clears your cache and cookies.

How to Optimize PUBG on my device

If your device is lagging then to optimize PUBG, GFX Tools developed by some manufacturers are very useful. Through these tools, you will be able to play the normal version very comfortably even on your low RAM smartphone.

This tool optimizes your device and according to the game, it gives you compatible performance and graphics. Of these, an app named ‘GFX Tool’ developed by Tsoml on the Google Play Store is a great performance enhancer app.

  1. Download the GFX Tool app developed by Tsoml from the Google Play Store

then install and open it.

  • Now you will see many options in it. You have to change these options as per your device.
  • Choose the right version of the installed PUBG.
  • In this,
  • GP means Normal Global Version.
  • CN means Chinese Version,
  • KR means Korea Version,
  • Beta means Beta Version and
  • Lite means Lite Version of PUBG Mobile.
  • If you live in India and you have downloaded the game normally from Google Play Store then you have to choose GP.
  • Now the next option is the resolution. In this, choose the most supported resolution.

Then you have to choose the graphics according to you. ‘Balanced’ means that the graphics and battery usage will be equal in the game and HDR means the maximum use of the hardware present in the smartphone. 

The more performance you want, the more your app will use your smartphone’s hardware resources.

FPS comes in the next option, in which you have to choose the FPS according to you.

The anti-aliasing option is for a smooth texture.

We would suggest users with budget devices keep it disabled. However, users with high-end devices can choose between 2X and 4X options as per their choice.  The more anti-aliasing there is, the smoother the texture comes.

You can choose the style and shadow as per your wish. It only makes a slight change in the look.

Then you can save the game setting by clicking on ‘Accept’ and then clicking on ‘Run Game’ to run the game.

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Do you get the information regarding the best ways to optimize PUBG on your device? Guys if you do these settings and avoid some background apps and follow the above steps then I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it very smoothly. I hope now you will be able to enjoy your PUBG game without any lag in your device and if you find this article informative then don’t forget to share it. Thank You!

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