Best Tips for Saving Big When Using Turo Car Sharing

Turo is a unique company that gives you access to several luxury vehicles through its revolutionary car-sharing service. The system works by allowing individual owners of fantastic vehicles to rent their cars out for temporary use, thereby temporarily getting you a top-notch vehicle when you have the need.

According to, this excellent car-sharing service has over three hundred and fifty thousand vehicles listed for rent and has a customer base of over ten million. While Turo specializes in high-end luxury vehicles, they also offer more standard options, as well as trucks and electric cars to better suit your individual needs.

Still, as any customer of a car rental service can tell you, the bottom line is everything, and it never hurts to look out for the best deal to save a bit of cash when on your next vacation. Continue reading to discover the many methods you can take advantage of to get deals when using Turo’s services, as well as learn where to access exclusive Turo promo codes and coupons.

Methods for Earning Great Savings

  • Sign up for Contests – There is nothing better than winning big when you least expect it. Feel free to sign up for exclusive Turo contests to win exceptional discounts. Contests apply to Turo customers and those who decide to rent out their vehicles using this service.

    The requirements for each contest are typically quite simple and involve completing a short survey or posting a picture on your social media account. The winner is chosen at random during a special drawing that decides who receives prizes, like a free Turo rental or massive discounts.
  • Use Special Turo Promo CodesFor a comprehensive list of great deals and exclusive coupon codes, check out Slick There you will find a myriad of great opportunities for savings when you rent with Turo.

    This includes twenty-five dollars off your first booking and a two hundred and fifty dollar activation bonus upon completing your first trip, to name only a few fantastic offers. Simply apply these promo codes at check out by copying and pasting them from your clipboard to earn substantial discounts.
  • Apply to Become an All-Star Host – For those who wish to use Turo not as a customer but as someone who places their car out for rental, you can gain exclusive benefits by becoming an All-Star Host.

    You will gain special coupons for each year you hold membership and  earn a special insignia that will help get you more attention from potential renters. Benefits also include helpful priority support and maintenance that will have your back if anything ever goes awry.

Save Big Today

By using the methods listed above, you will be sure to earn fantastic savings the next time you use Turo’s car rental service. Apply for contests, use helpful promo codes, and if you are offering your vehicle for rent, apply to become an All-Star Host to get special benefits.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the methods above and make your next car rental experience with Turo excellent.

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