Best Study Apps for College Students

Are you a college student? Yes? Then surely you must have felt the need of having a smartphone. Today, smartphones have become a human necessity. Smartphones are great with their apps. And, today we will discuss the best study apps for college students.

Smartphones have multiple uses, from managing your time to organizing your notes and learning online. Smartphones can help you with almost everything on this planet.

The primary purpose behind this statement is that today, smartphones have become an essential part of human life. With several options available, you can find apps for almost every activity. This ranges from online learning to finding high-rated restaurants online. Thus, your smartphone applications are the one-stop solution for almost all your needs. The vast usability of mobile applications signifies the fact that you can find endless options on mobile applications. However, using and going through every one of these applications is not possible.

We have prepared a list of the best study apps for college students (Myapps4pc help us make that list). The list can prove to be very useful in deciding the best applications for your needs in college life. That said, read on and find all about these applications.

Best study applications for college students

Coursera – Online learning

Do you want to earn online degrees? Then enrol yourself into one of the courses offered by Coursera. The application boast of providing courses taught by experts from 200+ top universities, including the University of Michigan and Yale.

Furthermore, the app also has experts from top firms such as Google, IBM, to name a few. One of the unique features of this learning platform is that it’s free to enrol into different courses on this website. However, you need to pay the fees if you want to receive the course’s successful completion certificate. Furthermore, you will find several courses that will help you learn the in-demand skills with the help of the courses.

Through this app, you can upskill yourself to the latest marketing trends. Not only this, but Coursera also offers online courses that have equal value as physical courses.

That said, Coursera offers programs in multiple domains such as:

One thing to note here is that Coursera is free to enrol. However, you need to register yourself for its several courses. Thus, courses themselves are paid. Free trials are also available with most of the courses on this website. Here is a brief course rate of different types of courses on this website:

Course typeCharges
Single courses $39 to $99
MasterTrack Certifications$2000 to $5000
Professional Certifications and Multi-course specialisation $39 to $79 per month
Degrees$9000 to $45,000 

Duolingo – Learn new languages

The already popular language learning application, Duolingo, is known for teaching multiple languages to its subscribers. Using Duolingo, you can improve your English language skills while also learning other foreign languages such as French, Chinese, to name a few.

The app’s fun and short lessons will improve your speaking skills and reading and writing skills. Furthermore, its speaking section allows you to improve your overall pronunciation.

One of the application’s unique features is that it allows you to customize it as per your level of understanding. For instance, if you are a beginner at the language, Duolingo will teach you basic sentence structures. However, with time, it will increase the difficulty level.

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Once you have learnt a few chapters, the app allows you to test yourself. Duolingo offers bite-sized lessons while tracking your progress. Upon completion of a part, the app offers you shiny rewards to boost confidence.

Without any doubt, today, Duolingo is completely changing the way we learn new languages. One of the unique features is that you can reap this app’s benefits free of cost.

Evernote – Note-taking application

The application has been developed while keeping in mind the needs of creative minds. By default, for most of us, ideas and inspirations struck at the most random moments. We seldom have access to notepads or pens when an idea crosses our minds. As a result, the idea skips our minds.

Evernote helps in capturing all your ideas and inspirations whenever they strike. Additionally, the app also allows you to find stored information fast and share it with others in time of need.

The application offers user-friendly and customizable features for quick access. Furthermore, its versatile nature allows the user to use it as a to-do list maker. You can also use it to structure and filter your ideas as per your respective goals. Additionally, it syncs all data with all devices for easy accessibility.

Lastly, the application allows you to puts all relevant information in a single place. With it, you can get organized, capture ideas, access info anytime, anywhere. Moreover, this popular app is both student and business-friendly. Therefore, it helps the app fulfil all the requirements with much ease.

Grammarly – Grammar assistant

Grammarly is a one-stop destination for all your English editing and grammatical needs. The application takes your editor’s role that reviews your projects or information that you add in the respective checking document.

Using the application, you can write clearly and confidently. One of the application’s unique features is its integrability. The app integrates itself with any website or application that has a text box. For instance, if you are typing an email, the application will automatically offer you appropriate grammatical suggestions. Of course, you need to choose and implement the suggestions in your respective document wisely.

You can also customize the application as per your requirements. For example, it allows you to customize writing style, tone and content quality. Moreover, the application syncs with almost all devices and offers you implementable suggestions as you write.

The application offers two different versions:

  1. Grammarly free version
  2. Grammarly premium version

The Premium version offers several advanced features such as tone adjustments, better word choice, vocab enhancement, and fluency, to name a few.

All in all, the Grammarly application is not only your everyday editor, but it allows you to improve your writing by providing real-time suggestions and feedback. Lastly, using its impactful features, you will improve your project’s scores and improve your overall writing on social media and emails.

myHomework – Organizing application

A modern yet simple application, the myHomework application will help you to stay organized regularly. The application’s modern interface allows you to use it anywhere. Furthermore, the application is simple enough to be used even by tech dummies.

myHomework is an offline application. It simply means that one can use it even without an internet connection. Moreover, the application works seamlessly with not only mobile phones but also with laptops and other devices.

Using its free version, you can manage your time, sync your homework across all your devices. Furthermore, you can also sync reminders, upload homework. Additionally, it also offers three themes.

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That said, the app’s premium version offers the following features.

  1. Ad-free
  2. Access to 60+ themes
  3. Upload pictures and files
  4. A separate class schedule widget

Do mobile applications work for everyone?

Well, the answer to this question is a big ‘No’.

Honestly, mobile applications are more like clothes, i.e., one size does not fit all persons. Besides, it is completely normal if an application seems useful for a friend. However, it may not fulfil your needs.

So how should I choose an app for myself?

Before deciding on an application, try to gauge your needs. To go on about it, you should ask yourself, “In what department do you need assistance?”

For instance, if you need help regarding time management, try searching for a time-management related app.


It is quite normal to feel overwhelmed because of multiple free apps available online. It is a common issue faced by college students. However, not using mobile applications is not the right solution to this problem.

Today, mobile applications have become an essential part of everyday students’ life. Therefore, it would be for the best if we could adapt ourselves to use them.

We have provided you with the five tried and tested applications that we believe are the best study apps for college students. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your mobile and start downloading the apps mentioned above to improve your college life experience.

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