Best Short Haircuts for Men

There are many different types of haircuts for men with short hair, but how do you know which one is best for you? 

This guide will help you find the perfect haircut for your face shape, hair type, and personal style. 

Whether you are looking for a trendy new style or something more classic, there is a haircut out there that’s perfect for you. Keep reading to learn more!

Best Short Haircuts for Men: PREVIEW

  • Introduction
  • Best short haircuts for men
  • How to choose a right haircut for male
  • Hair systems for Men with short hair
  • Conclusion


Apart from muscles and brawn, hair is said to be the most noticeable quality of men’s personality. If you want to appear your best, it is essential to choose a hairstyle that suits your hair type. Therefore, whether your hair is naturally fine or is starting to thin down, all it requires is the accurate cut and style to breathe fresh life.

Just because a man is getting his hair thinner doesn’t mean he needs to chop all of his hair to the ground.  

Thin hair is problematic but can be managed by choosing a shorter length. There are numerous hairstyles available that will complement your facial features and personality.  Modish and most in-demand haircut styles are listed below.

Best Short Haircuts for Men

Buzz Cut

Cutting your hair short is the best approach to style thin hair, which seems to be thick in appearance. 

A buzz cut is one such short haircut where hair length remains the same on all the parts of the head, and it surely suits fine hair. Buzz cuts, however, are also utilized for stylistic purposes.

Thin Hair Spiked Up

If you’re struggling with thin hair and want to impersonate the thin hair, this haircut raises the hair in the middle. Doing so increases the visual distraction from thinning hair and makes it appear thicker overall. 

Modern Layered French Crop

The modern layered French crop cut has the latest contemporary features of a bossy haircut. The French crop includes trimming the sides and back of the hair, and the top of your hair should be a little longer than the sides. Layers or a carefree look can be used to style the remaining hair. The mid fade softly transitions to the shorter sides, and the blunt fringe cut inclusively adds uniformity.

Short Edgar Haircut

The Edgar and the modern interpretation of the bowl cut share a lot of similarities, and these parallels are clearly visible in this Edgar alterations. In this case, the hairline is more unevenly barbed. The remainder of the haircut is, though, essentially the traditional Edgar.

This haircut has some nice texture on top, similar to the textured Edgar, which also adds a lot of volumes. The bowling line is drawn to and made more noticeable by the severe bald fade.

High and Tight

It is an extremely short hairstyle that features sides and the back of the head that are shaved all the way down to the skin, with the top having the option to blend into or fade into slightly longer hair. In this cut, the blend is taken to a higher point again, occurring around temple height. 

This high and tight-cut hairstyle allows you enough hair on top, elongating your face and helping to slim your cheeks. This cut can help to add height to your face and make it appear more angular.

How to Choose a Right Haircut Male

So you have decided you want a new haircut. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one? 

If you are a man with short or thin hair, don’t worry – there are still plenty of great haircuts out there for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the right haircut for your specific hair type:

If you have short hair:

1. Decide if you want a clean-cut look or something a little more relaxed. Short haircuts can be either formal or casual, so think about what kind of look you’re going for.

2. Consider your face shape. Different haircuts will flatter different face shapes, so it is important to choose a style that will complement yours.

3. Think about which features you want to highlight. With short hair, you can really play up your best features – whether that’s your eyes, your cheekbones, or something else entirely.

4. Choose a style that is easy to maintain. Short haircuts may require more frequent trips to the barber, but they’re generally easier to style on a day-to-day basis.

If you have thin hair:

1. Go for a hairstyle that adds volume. If you are worried about your thin hair, choose a style that will give it some extra oomph. Styles with lots of texture (think: messy, bedhead looks) are great for this purpose.

2. Avoid styles that require a lot of products. Heavy gels and pomades can weigh down thin hair, so it’s best to steer clear of these if you’re looking for a natural look.

3. Ask your barber for advice. If you are not sure which style will work best for you, ask your barber or stylist for their opinion. They will be able to help you choose a cut that flatters your features and works with the texture of your hair

Hair Systems for Men with Short Hair

If you have extremely thin hair or you are facing progressive male pattern baldness, try these perfect hairpieces for men to maintain a classy hairstyle; 

WMP Fine Welded Mono Male Hair Pieces Men’s Toupee Wholesale

This hair replacement system is best for men struggling with baldness with monofilament welded base construction and more than five varying base sizes.

BH-ICONL Light Density Male Hair System Men’s Hair Toupees Manufacturers

This is a hair toupee for men struggling with the initial level of baldness. It is perfect for men having short to no hair. 

For more such hairpieces, visit Bono Hair.


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