The Best Shoes to Improve your Posture

We all know that improving our posture is important but many of us simply don’t know-how. Thankfully, there’s an easy and surprising solution to fixing your posture: the shoes you wear! Choosing the right shoes can have a huge impact on correcting your posture during the day. Here are the best shoes to improve your posture.

But in order to reap the most benefits from your footwear, you need to choose the right pair. Remember that most shoes that help your posture require a period of adjustment time. Don’t try to wear them for an entire day when you first get them. Let your body slowly adjust to your new shoes to avoid injury!

Best Shoes to Improve your Posture

Now onto the list of our top 5 shoe picks to help you improve your posture just by wearing them:

Shape Up Shoes

Shape-up shoes are a great way to not only improve your posture during the day but also to help you tone and build muscle. They work by using a sole that is similar to a rocking horse – as you walk the shoe slightly rocks back and forward causing you to use your ab, glute and leg muscles to stand up straight. Another great benefit of shape-up shoes is that they are practically indistinguishable from a regular sneaker.

If you’re looking to score your own pair of shape-up shoes, check out an online retailer like AliExpress. AliExpress offers a wide variety of shape-up shoes in a number of different colors and styles. If you shop with this AliExpress discount code, you can even receive a big discount on your next pair!

Earth Shoes

Earth Shoes offers an innovative design in order to help you improve your posture. Each pair of Earth Shoes is created with a 3.7-degree incline that places most of your body weight towards the back of your foot rather than forward. This results in the wearer standing up straighter and keeping their shoulders back in order to maintain their balance. Remember that since these shoes will dramatically change the way you stand it’s best to ease into wearing them for a few hours at a time.


Sometimes all it takes to correct your posture is to wear fewer shoes! The benefits of going barefoot are well-recorded – one study even showed that barefoot runners put far less stress on their feet! VivoBarefoot creates barely-there shoes that are designed to make you feel as if you were barefoot while still protecting your feet. This unique brand creates a number of barefoot-like styles including active, outdoor and trekking shoes. They claim that their barefoot running styles can even help you fix your posture and reduce back leg and foot pain.

Lems Shoes

Lems is another brand of footwear that creates minimalist style shoes. Each of their shoes features “zero-drop” technology meaning that they place your forefoot and heel flat to the ground to help correct your posture, align your spine, and encourage a midfoot strike. If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly pair, the brand even offers many vegan and sustainable options.

Loom Waterproof Sneakers

Loom offers everything you could ever want in a sneaker – comfort, style and flexibility. Each pair of their shoes comes with a podiatrist-approved Excelcast sole that offers optimal cushioning and support for your back and feet. When your feet and back are properly supported it’s much easier to maintain proper posture.

Another fine detail of these shoes is that the heel actually extends a bit farther than in a normal pair of shoes. This encourages you to distribute your weight evenly and can lead to better posture and better stability.

How to correct your posture with exercise

If you exercise regularly, perhaps some exercises for the posture you are performing. If not, set aside time for them several times a week to take care of your spine. We propose to take as a basic workout Yuri Elkaim, who has been studying fitness and healthy lifestyle issues for many years and shoots video workouts for his YouTube channel.


Repeat the stretching exercises every day, maybe even several times. Hold each pose for 20-30 seconds.

The starting position is standing. Clasp your hands behind your back. Gently pull your shoulders back and down. Do not stretch your neck forward. You will feel how the chest “opens” and the muscles of the shoulders stretch.

For hip flexors

Starting position – standing, right leg in a lunge. Lower your left knee to the floor and push your pelvis forward slightly until you feel the thigh muscles stretch. To further enhance the effect, tighten the muscles of the left buttock. Change your leg after 20-30 seconds.

For the quadriceps femoris

The starting position is standing. Bend your right leg back and grab your hand around the ankle. Gently pull your leg up.

For the muscles of the back of the thigh

The starting position is sitting. Stretch one leg forward, bend the other in front of you so that the knee is directed to the side, and the heel is toward the groin. Slowly lower your chest to your thigh, and with your hands stretch to the toe of a straight leg. Hold this position and then switch legs.

Strengthen your back muscles

Exercise several times a week in addition to stretching.

Scapular push-ups

Get into a normal push-up position. Try to keep your body in one straight line from head to toe. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and then return to starting position. Do 5-10 reps.

Unlike normal push-ups, this type of push-up involves very little movement. It works the muscles of the upper back in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, which are responsible for the correct position of the shoulders.

Sliding along the wall

Starting position – standing with your back to the wall. Lean your head, upper back, lower back and tailbone against the wall, and push your legs slightly forward. Lower your chin, bend your elbows 90 degrees and press them against the wall. Hold the position for 30-60 seconds. To work out your upper back muscles, slowly raise and lower your arms.

Abduction of the shoulder blades with an expander tape

Pull the tape around a stable object at waist level. Keeping your elbows at your sides at a 90-degree angle, pull the tape towards you, sliding your shoulder blades together. Return to starting position and do 8-12 reps.

Build your core muscles

This is not only the press but a whole complex of muscles that hold us in a straight position. When they are weak, the spine does not receive the necessary support and we begin to lean forward. The proposed exercises will also strengthen the muscles of the lower back.


To perform the plank, take a push-up position: arms under the shoulders, the body forms one straight line. You can also do the exercises on the elbows. The main thing is that the back is straight and the pelvis does not sag. Hold the position for 30-60 seconds.

Exercise with medball

Starting position – lying on the floor, legs and arms raised up, legs bent at the knees. Hold a 1.5-2 kg medball or other suitable weight. Using your core muscles, lower your right leg, but do not touch the floor. Then return to the starting position. Do 8-10 reps, alternating legs.

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