The Best Payroll Software of 2023

Managing the payroll of your company is a real headache. You have to manage reports, data, and most importantly, the salaries of your employees. Doing all these things makes you tired both mentally and physically. And the worst part is the chance of mistakes.

A slight mistake can ruin your whole work. It also impacts the employee’s productivity. When they don’t get paid timely, they start losing trust in the company. As a result, their productivity decreases.

However, you can use advanced technology to manage the payroll of your company pretty effectively. Payroll software is the best solution for all your payroll-related problems. These tools can automate the salary calculation and deposition process, saving a lot of your time.

However, choosing payroll software for your company is also a big problem. There are plenty of companies that are providing payroll software of different types, making it difficult for you to make a decision. Going through some top payroll software can help find out the suitable one for your business.

Following are some of the best payroll software of 2023. You can pick any one of them depending on the needs of your company.

Paychex Flex

It is one of the leading payroll software in the ongoing year. It allows you to go through more than 160 reports related to different payments. Wages, taxes, and turnovers are the main things included in these reports. The best part of using it is that it can integrate with all major software programs.


Following are some top listed benefits of using this software.

  • It offers 24/7 customer support. You can get the answer to your queries anytime you want.
  • Reporting features are robust and you can rely on them.
  • It has a user’s friendly interface. Almost anyone with basic knowledge can operate it.
  • It also gives several HR management options.


  • Some reviews show that its customer support is not as good as claimed by them.
  • Some users have also experienced hidden charges.


QuickBooks is of high importance in the accounting department. Several accountants use it to handle data.  Nowadays, QuickBooks payroll is also emerging as a top software to handle different payments. This software is primarily used by small companies as it’s simple to operate it and doesn’t require any special knowledge.


  • It will have a direct deposit option that works really fast.
  • It is understandable as many companies are already using QuickBooks in the accounting department.
  • QuickBooks can easily integrate with previously used data handling software and can receive data from it.


The prices are relatively high and it doesn’t have features worth that price.

The time tracking feature is not working well. It is not available for lower plans.


It is probably the best payroll software at the moment. More than 4500 businesses have ranked it the best among other tools of the same category. Apart from managing the payroll of your company, Netchex can look into the whole HR management system. It is widely used by emerging businesses as well. From banking and financing to Hoteling, Netchex can help you deal with all types of payroll.


  • It is more than a simple reporting system. It can help you in calculating taxes and directly depositing them.
  • It has a robust time-tracking system to calculate the working hours of the employees.
  • Netchex offers an attendance feature as well. This feature allows it to calculate salaries with zero errors.
  • HR management is also supported by this payroll software.
  • It’s pretty affordable with excellent customer service.


No potential cons of this software have come into the view except one that it doesn’t have a free/freemium version.


It is an emerging payroll software that is making its place nicely. OnPay is primarily made for small businesses. It can give accurate reports, excellent data handling, and other similar features.


  • It is very affordable, so it is a good option for startups.
  • There are no hidden charges that make it perfect for small businesses.


  • The direct deposit system is not up to the mark. It is very slow.
  • Lack of automation is a big problem with OnPay.

Final Verdict

All of the aforementioned payroll software has some amazing features. However, Netchex is probably the best one among them. The only con is the lack of a free version that can be ignored because free versions of other software also lack several features.