Best Movies Apps for Android and IOS Devices in 2021

Recently there has been observed a great inclination of people towards watching films and shows on their cell phone devices. It gives them the freedom to watch their favourite movies anytime and at any place in the palm of their hands.

There is no doubt that watching films on mobile devices is convenient and fun, that is why there are platforms like Moviesda 2021, popcornfilx, and many more that offer high-quality movies to watch on android and iOS devices.

In the following section, we will be discussing some of the best streaming platforms that allow you to stream films on your mobile devices so stay with us till the end.


This cool app lets you stream movies on both iOS and Android devices for Free Movie Apps. You can find both the latest and the old classic films on this app is very high video quality. Most free platforms don’t give much attention to the layout and UI but with SnagFilms that is not the case.

The app hosts not just films, but other shows and local videos as well. There is both good quality and quantity on this app which is something you seldom find in such free streaming websites and applications. Try out this amazing app for a smooth streaming experience with fewer interruptions caused by ads and pop-ups.

Pluto TV

The best aspect of Pluto TV is that you can watch films as well as stream various TV channels on it. This app offers a huge variety of movies that have been arranged in various genres and categories. The diversity of films on Pluto TV is outstanding.

It is content to watch for people of ages. Kids and adults both can find movies and stuff they find interesting with just a few clicks. The app does not offer any security risks while streaming which makes your experience even better.


This extremely useful platform is like a media hub for your phone. It brings together your phone media, images, videos, and other streaming services together at one place. You can listen to music and radio as well. And with all these cool features, you also get the most efficient and friendly user interface, just like 7starHD,as well.

People all over the world are using this platform and seem satisfied with the services it offers. Give this app a go if you are looking for a streaming platform that offers high-quality content with no charges and the best UI.


This app has been around for many years and still, people are pretty obsessed with it. You can watch films, funny videos, music videos, and other variety of content on Dailymotion for free. This site stands out for its high video quality and quick loading speed which saves a lot of your time.

There are various categories on the home page of the app from which you can choose the one that suits your mood and have endless fun. There are some ads on the app but you can get rid of those by using any free android adblocker tool.


This app offers the latest content as soon as it gets released in its new arrival section. The layout of the platform is quite user-friendly and the navigation through its various sections is simple and easy. The app hosts very high-quality content that is matched by very few other streaming apps.

There are movies from various genres, from horror to romance and from comedy to action, and many more. Try out this amazing app today and you will find your streaming experience to be more convenient, relaxing, and productive.

Final Words

All the apps that we have mentioned above are considered among the top platform when it comes it streaming movies. They offer fewer ads and great UI with no subscription or registration cost. These apps appear every time you search top-rated streaming platforms on google or any other search engine which speaks volumes about their usefulness.

Try out one or more of the above-mentioned android/iOS streaming applications and you will surely have a great experience and endless fun streaming the films you love.

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