4 Best Tablet for Art and Design Work Today

Different artists have different needs, different budgets, for different purposes. When you decide to be someone who makes his or her living in the arts, you must put in your best effort in making sure you cover every aspect of your craft and become an effective artist in every form and shape.

As a graphic designer, you are expected to deliver quality works each and every time. Clients entrust you with their businesses when you are working on a marketing project and their success in making their company known depends highly on your creativity. So, therefore, being highly skilled and having the right attitude will surely pave the way for your own success.

There are a large number of careers a graphic designer can choose from. Each one is uniquely intriguing and needs constant practice to master your craft. Some of them are the following:

Logo designing is a very important job to have. It is the main design that shows the brand identity and also the one that customers will remember for you to be remarkable. It also differentiates you from other companies, increasing your uniqueness and helps build your market. 

Most companies rely on graphic artists to create logos for them for advertising and marketing strategies. They spend a lot of money to get a logo that will distinguish them from the rest. Graphic designers that make logos are the ones assigned to make this goal come true.

  • Creative or Art Directors 

This branch of graphic designing focuses mostly on advertising and they are usually the ones behind the camera in television shows that make the different artworks you see when you watch commercials. Art directors are responsible for handling a talented designing team that mostly consists of photographers, production staff, and even copywriters that make the magic possible.

If you choose to be an art director, you have to have advanced skills in graphic designing as you will spend your time supervising your colleagues, making sure their works are what the company needs to be successful in its marketing strategies. 

  • Web Designer

Website designing is one of the most popular types of graphic design. As a website designer, you will be the one who will create pages, the graphics for the pages, and also has to create the layout of the site. Part of your job will also entail you developing the navigation and structure for a better customer experience once the website is up and running.

Since this is one of the most in-demand careers when it comes to graphic designing, you must be highly proficient and must know the different strategies of optimizing a website so that you will be notable as a designer. 

Artists’ Arsenal 

Of course, you can’t rely only on your creative genius and talents. Just like a soldier going into a war, you need to have the proper tools and artillery to productively do your projects and deliver excellent designs for all your clients. 

Therefore, you must be equipped with the latest and the best gadgets for graphic design there are currently in the market to be able to achieve your goals. And one of them is having the gadgets you need to be able to function in excellence.

4 Best Tablet for Art and Design Work Today

Today I will be enumerating some of the most appropriate and effective tablets for art and design works. Surely, these are the tablets a great graphic designer must have for them to not only make their jobs easier but also more proficiently.

Huion Kamvas Pro 24 – $899.00

Considered the biggest drawing monitor for Huion at 23.8 inches, it is widely popular as it brags of a 2.5K (2560 x 1440) QHD resolution that brings ultimate details as you work in your designs. 

Best laptop for art and design

It also has a Wide-Gamut color at 120% sRGB combined with 16.7 million display colors that give definition to your designs in a more lifelike manner. This can still be further enhanced by using the 5080 LPI Pen Resolution. 

Yes, the price can be quite hefty, but this is one of the best drawing experiences currently in the market. If you have extra cash to spare, then you can opt for this tablet for your designing needs.

Wacom Intuos Pro (Large) – $499.95

This a one of a kind tablet for sure. The main characteristic that makes this tablet stand out is the tablet’s ability to mimic the feels of drawing on paper, making it easier for you to make your designs. With the very sensitive Wacom Pro Pen 2, the user will have a very natural feel when drawing texture paintings or shading. 

Best laptop for art and design

The pen is also equipped with 8,000 levels of pressure sensitivity that perfectly compliments the active drawing area of 12.1 x 8.4 inches. For those who want to have the perfect experience similar to writing on a paper, then this one is for you.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 – $849.99

When you are looking for a device that not only serves as a tablet but can be converted to a laptop as well, then this is the best find for you. You can easily transform this tablet into a computer with DeX mode and the optional keyboard that you can buy if you want to have a better experience.

Best laptop for art and design

Tab S7 also comes with a redesigned S pen that boasts of 9ms latency. With the 12.4” super AMOLED display, you surely will have an easier time creating your designs.

Wacom Cintiq 22 Drawing Tablet – $1,199.95

This may be is the second Wacom tablet we have on this list, but we simply could not include this tablet here. Cintiq 22 is one of the best tablets there is for graphic designers. The 1920 x 1080 HD display with an Anti-Glare surface makes this tablet one of its kind.

Best laptop for art and design

Including in the package is also the Wacom Pro Pen 2 which has 192 pressure levels. Just imagine using this tablet on your next project


When choosing a career, you have to know exactly what it is you want to do and excel at. You can’t just wake up one day and decide to be a doctor or a fireman. It takes dedication and a lifetime of commitment to be a success in your chosen career.

And just like being a graphics designer, you must steadily perfect your craft and be a version of yourself by equipping yourself with the necessary tools and gadgets for you to execute your projects well. After all, every passion is deemed insignificant if you don’t acquire what you need in your battle.

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