The Best Free PDF Converter for Windows and Mac

The Best Free PDF Converter for Windows and Mac – UPDF Converter

After the onset of the pandemic, the lifestyle word wide has drastically changed. Remote working has got an edge. Almost every department has shifted to online working mode. The excess remote working through online platforms has increased the use of a lot of things. The document dealings involve the conversion of a file into different formats.

And this is the point where a layman faces a lot of difficulties. People at this point search for the best app that they can use to convert PDF into other file formats. So, if you are among them, searching for the best option available, then UPDF Converter is the ultimate solution.

The Introduction of UPDF Converter

UPDF Converter is a great application for Windows and Mac users that they can use for converting a PDF file into other file formats. UPDF Converter is the right app for all types of professional conversions with consistent formatting. It offers accurate conversions and ultimate security of your document to ensure the security of your confidential information.

The creating part is that the application is compatible with both Windows and macOS users. Within just a few clicks you can easily convert a PDF file into different file formats like word, excel, ppt or images (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF). You can also convert the PDF file into other formats including XML, HTML, Text, RTF, PDF/A, etc.

The Introduction of UPDF Converter
Best Free PDF Converter for Windows and Mac – UPDF Converter

UPDF is also capable of converting scanned PDF to editable formats with OCR, and OCR supports 23 languages. You can easily access the data for copying, editing or printing purposes.

Features of UPDF Converter

The application itself as a whole is quite unique that making it reliable for its users. Moreover, some of its characteristic features add more to its worth. In just a matter of a few clicks, you can convert your PDF into any other file format of your choice. The features that make it different from other apps of the same category are discussed below.

The top most among all the features is its “Formats Consistency”. It ensures that the content rendered on the converted file is exactly the same as the original file, which means fewer manual corrections to be done after converting.

Another great feature is the “Batch Conversion”. This feature enables the users to multiple files in one go. It saves a lot of time and makes the documents handling easy and convenient for the users. Its powerful conversion engine can capably handle whatever you throw at it.

The third one is the “Document Security”. The feature ensures that documents are protected with enterprise-grade encryption to ensure privacy and data security at all times. No data is shared with third parties without your consent.

To convert a PDF you just need to follow three simple steps:

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  • Add files
  • Select Output formats
  • Start conversion

The process of uploading file in the application is quite simple. You can select the Add Files option of you can also use the drag and drop option.

Once the desired file is uploaded, you need to select the output format. In the formats panel on the right side, click the required format and select one of the options provided. Each format will show different options pick the one that suits your requirement.

Once you are done selecting all the formats, click on “Go” to start the conversion. The converted files will be saved and the destination folder will be displayed on your screen.


You can enjoy carefree conversions with UPDF Converter. Whether your device is Windows supported or you are a macOS user, you can get UPDF Converter easily.

It will give you a great user experience and make your working quite easy and manageable.

In the matter of conversions, accuracy is guaranteed and you can convert your PDFs into a number of different formats. Moreover, the formats consistency is yet another great plus point.

UPDF Converter is undoubtedly an amazing easy-to-use application with OCR for the macOS devices. When you convert any PDF to other file formats it processes the file quickly and deliver accurate results without losing formats and layouts.

The overall interface of the application is absolutely user friendly. The steps involved in the conversion process are also quite simple and easy and the whole aim behind the design and the management of the application is targeted to ensure a convenient user experience.

The handling of the application is not very different for Windows user and the macOS users. First you need to install the UPDF, depending upon your device carefully choose the version either Windows or the Mac version of the application.

Once you have successfully set up the application on your device, you can use it for the conversion of PDF files. You can convert multiple PDF files into different file formats of your choice, depending upon the requirement of your task.

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UPDF Converter is a great solution kit for a lot of people who are working remotely, especially these days. They can easily convert PDF into different formats and can edit them accordingly.

The user experience is great and the several distinguishing features add more to the comfort of its users. So, stop wasting your time in searching dozen of different converters for every different file format and get this single master converter.

Whether, you want to convert your PDF into Excel, word, ppt, or image of any format, UPDF can make you do all of that at a single place in one go. Now it will just be a matter of few clicks for you.

So, hurry up, grab this amazing tool and turn your hectic document handling into an easy going task. If you want to convert your PDF file into a word file, or an excel sheet, or just want to extract the Text from it, or into any other format like HTML, RTF, XML, etc. UPDF have all the options available for you.

It is no doubt the best conversion app for 2022. You will not only enjoy using it but will also recommend it to others, just try it once and you will find out that it is exactly the same as we have tried to portray it here.