Best Exterior Paint Colors for Your Bakersfield Home

Bakersfield’s hot, dry climate draws a lot of potential residents and interested tourists to its streets and vibrant neighborhoods. If you’ve made the leap to home ownership in Bakersfield or the surrounding Kern County, California area, the chances are that you’ll need to think about exterior paint colors at some point. 

What color should you pick? Well, to a large extent, that depends on you—your tastes, your preferences, your personal design style. It also depends on your home’s architectural style. Yet within those parameters, you’ve got a lot of leeways to play with. You can also consult with an experienced real estate agent in Bakersfield for an expert’s opinion. That’s especially helpful if you’re planning to sell your home in the next several months. 

All that being said, any one of the following paint colors will look great on your home’s exterior. 

1. Rich Grays

Gray is a great color choice for homes in dry climates since it produces a blend of the best of two other popular choices. White exterior paint helps keep your home cooler by attracting less of the sun’s heat, while darker colors bring a cool aesthetic to your home. Medium-toned grays aren’t so dark that they warm up your home in an already hot environment. At the same time, they “feel” cooler and create a sophisticated, slightly urban look. 

Try one of these grays on your home’s exterior: 

  • Foggy Day by Sherwin-Williams
  • Silent Film by Behr
  • Stoke by Farrow and Ball

2. Oceanic Greens

Just because your home is located in an arid climate, that doesn’t mean you can’t let your paint colors evoke a more coastal clime. From seafoam green to a deeper oceanic hue, these greens are cool and crisp, even on the hottest summer day in Bakersfield. Green can be a daring choice for exteriors, so try a few shades on for size before you commit to a particular brand and color. 

Consider the following greens: 

  • Four Leaf Clover from Behr 
  • Farrow and Ball’s Palm
  • Reclining Green by Sherwin-William

3. Desert Hues

Evocative of stunning sunsets and the shifting sands across the Mojave, these desert hues let your Bakersfield home meld into its surroundings beautifully, while still standing out for its eye-catching beauty. Pale golden peaches and golden sandy yellows both look great on exteriors, either in full or as accents. Stick to the warmer, paler tones to help keep your home cool. 

Check out these options:

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  • Orange Colored White by Farrow and Ball
  • Behr’s Upbeat
  • Sherwin-William’s Jonquil

4. Pale Blues

Nothing is more peaceful and calming than pale blues, calling to mind the still water of a crystal-clear pool or a lovely sky. Pale blue on your home’s exterior doesn’t have to feel childish or unsophisticated. It can be wholly unexpected, especially when matched with white trim. Aim for one with some undertones of gray for a cooler, more grownup version of baby blue. 

Try these blues:

  • Hazy from Farrow and Ball
  • Wondrous Blue by Sherwin-Williams
  • Oceanic Climate from Behr

5. Whites and Creams

If you’re invested in minimizing your home’s cooling bills, you can’t go wrong with white or pale cream exterior paint. Choose pale hues with undertones of the lightest hues of lilac, pink, or blue for a look that stands out in any neighborhood. 

  • Great White from Farrow and Bell
  • Behr’s Ethereal White

Paperwhite by Sherwin-Williams

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