Best Cycling Travel Destinations in The US

Did you know that more than 47.5 million United States residents prefer cycling as their leisure activity? Cycling has gradually gained popularity among the residents of the United States as a top leisure activity. When you are in the United States, it’s easier to take your family or friends out for a cycling experience. Here, we will discuss the Best Cycling Travel Destinations in The US.

You don’t need to be a professional cycler for you to enjoy the best cycling experience. However, to enjoy the best experience, you need to have the best cycling adventures in the best destinations around.

Thus, this article outlines the best cycling travel destination for you in the United States. For more interesting Travel destinations read this amazing Geography fun facts list.

Best Cycling Travel Destinations
Best Cycling Travel Destinations in The USA

Geographical Locations You Need To Know For Best Cycling Travel Destinations

Marin County, California

​Marin County is one of the most world’s popular ​cycling destinations in the United States. The redwood-lined roads, Marin Headlands, and Mount Tamalpais’s trails make it the best cycling destination in the United States. This destination offers the best cycling trails from the Mill Valley, climbing about 2600ft up to Mt. Tamalpais. In addition, the riders will enjoy the turning to Stinson Beach.

The destination offers the riders a beautiful and challenging Mount Tamalpias trail to cycle up and later descend. The rider may also experience riding on the best mountain bike trails situated in Bolinas and Fairfax. Just a short spin from San Francisco, you’ll arrive at the United States’ best scenic rides. If you love Geography and want to discover more, go and play these Geography Trivia Quiz Games about the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Capitals and much more

Asheville, North Carolina

The ​Pisgah National Forest surrounds this cycling travel destination, a two-hour drive from Charlotte. At Asheville, we have long and hilly road loops that crisscross the Blue Ridge Mountains. At this cycling destination, you are either descending or climbing, as the terrain is not flat. It’s the best cycling travel agency as part of the cycling trails; it offers the best hospitality and dining services. If you are a lover of mountain and road biking, then this is the place for you.

Tucson, Arizona

Do you have your vacation from December to around March, and you need a cycling destination? Tucson is the place. It’s good to cycle in Tuscon during this period, as the weather will be conducive, unlike during the summer. Tucson provides one of the country’s ​most famous climbs, the highway winding from Catalina to Mount Lemmon. These winding trails are sandy, thus providing the best experience while cycling. While the rest of the country rains and snow bury the cities, you can enjoy your cycling in a dry Tuscon.

Durango, Coloradocycling

Durango’s extensive trail networks make it the best for mountain bike racers, as its extensive trails pass through the San Juan Mountains. ​This adventurous cycling destination offers various mountain bike trails for all riders despite their level of experience. In addition, you can cycle the Colorado trail through Denver and connecting to Durango. While cycling, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Overend Mountain Park.

Bend, Oregon

Bend is located on the Cascade Range’s soaring volcanoes. It provides the best cycling destination as it has numerous mountain biking trails and many road climbs. The destinations offer the best terrain for you to cycle. You can cycle from the Urban Trail system to the ThreeSsters scenic bikeways. The high and arid climate at the Bend destination will provide you with the best cycling experience in the United States. The destination has the best extensive biking activities for road, mountain, and cyclocross cyclers.


It’s good to enjoy your cycling traveling adventure while in the United States. Therefore you need to look for a destination that will provide you the best experience for cycling. The above cycling destinations offer the best places for cycling travel destinations.

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