Best Burberry Bags to Purchase in 2022

Burberry is one of those brands that truly represent the essence of British culture. Burberry has demonstrated a flair for mixing modern ambitions with our everyday requirements since Thomas Burberry launched the brand’s first Basingstoke shop in 1856. Due to their usefulness, its iconic gabardine trench coats became a necessity for WW2 soldiers, and the brand has even got the royal seal of approval from Queen Elizabeth II herself.

Despite the fact that Burberry is a distinctly British brand, the luxury label is not exclusive to the United Kingdom. Burberry’s modern meets classic collections have earned international attention thanks to its fashion-forward leadership. The debut of the Pocket Bag as a new signature style in 2019 was a clear reminder of the brand’s unwavering position when it comes to first-class accessories; a feeling reinforced by the release of the Olympia Bag, the brand’s most recent silhouette.

Burberry’s bag collection includes everything from traditional leather backpacks to trendy crossbody bags. We’ve collected 5 of our favorite Burberry bags below, which demonstrate the label’s contemporary as well as timeless expertise. For a collection of bags that are genuinely investment items, utility and style meet in the middle.

Lavenby Tote

The “Lavenby” is made of slightly hard-grained leather (80% calfskin, 20% polyurethane) that provides the bag structure. The medium Lavenby tote costs $995, which is a respectable price for a designer handbag. It’s presently available in six hues, making it easier to find the one that’s right for you. Because the bag is so popular, it’s been imitated a lot. If you already own a Burberry bag, it’s a good idea to double-check the authenticity of your accessories. You may authenticate it yourself by following Burberry legit check guide or using authentication services.

Olympia Bag

The Olympia speaks to the hidden goddess in all of us—who loves her femininity and isn’t afraid to stand out—and is available in a variety of styles and sizes, including medium juniper green and tiny classic black. The structure of the bag, not the decorations, is what makes it a lasting companion. The Olympia is designed to fit over your shoulder or in your hand as a natural extension of you and is inspired by Greek architecture.

While the half-moon shape and polished exterior are new, the bag has an unmistakable resemblance to the baguette forms that dominated the 1990s and 2000s. Fendi and Dior versions were worn by Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian on the other side of the Atlantic, while Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole chose Louis Vuitton on British territory. It’s Olympia’s long history, the circular nature of fashion, and the baguette’s simple femininity that make it so popular— and it’s the similarities, as well as Burberry’s skilled craftsmanship, that has positioned it as a must-have bag.

Pocket Tote

Riccardo Tisci reinterpreted an archival Burberry bag known as the Michelle Shopper, a soft luggage style that was produced between 1981 and 1990, by adding a big pocket on the front, topstitching, and leather tapping to create a contemporary sensation.

We adore the Pocket’s smooth surface and structure, both of which are hallmarks of the British brand. When the happy hour arrives, the roomy front interior pocket ensures easy access to your essentials, while the sleek leather top handles allow you to make a swift but stylish getaway.

This business bag can be transformed into a relaxed bag thanks to the adjustable strap and fold-over handle designs. Burberry also makes the Pocket out of an eco-friendly e-canvas material, which consumes less water and emits less CO2 than typical bag coatings.

Burberry Bucket Bag

With its fashionable ruched silhouette, there’s no need for another bag in your arsenal. We don’t say things like that lightly. To put it another way, this bag can transport you from morning Pilates to nannying to evening cocktails.

Despite the fact that the silhouette is assigned to Louis Vuitton, Burberry has developed its own version. From streetwear-inspired nylon forms made to face Britain’s stereotypically gloomy weather to monogram variants meant to turn routine errands into a high-fashion extravaganza, the bucket bag is comfortable, durable, and suitable for everyone.

Title Bag

The beauty of the Title Bag rests in its depiction of old-school femininity, as evidenced by the top handle form, which is reminiscent of 1950s tops, and the shoulder strap styles, which were first pioneered by Chanel. This isn’t your typical women’s bag, though.

The Title is inspired by historic military bags, continuing the recurrent trend of reworking archival objects in a contemporary style. This combination is evident in the use of metal studs to embellish and secure the bag’s pocket, ensuring that your favorite lipstick or foundation does not escape. This bag stands out because of the overt contrast between the usually male design elements, such as the studs, and the Italian minimalist soft leather.

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