6 Best Anime Sites to Stream Your Favorite Anime

One of the great and most awesome activities to pass the time is by watching anime. A hobby that will keep your eyes filled with dainty images and stupendous soundtracks that will promise to keep you bopping. All of these things are why there is no doubt or wonder why it is loved, treasured, cherished, admired, and adored by millions and millions of people. 

So, suppose by chance you only know one site where you can watch anime well. In that case, this might be the most incredible day of your life since this article will give you tons and a boatload of anime sites that will fill your day (and night) with pleasure and delight. So, grab on some popcorn and your favorite soda (water is also fine or tea) and bask on to this wonder.


When you are looking for the best among the sea of free streaming sites on the world of the internet, then here’s AnimeLab for you. Within your grasp and at the tip of your fingertips, you can access a comprehensive library of titles that will both dizzy and dazzle you. It is one of the best free anime sites that you will come across your whole life.

Ranging from classic anime like Hunter x Hunter, Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Naruto, and more. It also has more new and contemporary anime like Fruits Basket, they have it all, whether Sci-Fi, Horror, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Mystery, Historical, Fantasy, Gaming, and whatever your predilection is AnimeLab can surely cater to it.

One great feature of AnimeLab is its clean user interface. You navigate and watch your chosen anime smoothly and efficiently. You can also rate the anime that you finish watching; aside from that, you can view ratings given by other audiences. 


AnimeHeaven is one of the free sites where it has plenty of things to offer. The fact that Netflix Original animes like the violet and rich world of Castlevania and the tear-jerker, melancholic, and pain-inflicting Violet Evergarden is available here. It sounds like a turn off to this site because it is riddled with ads, but with antivirus and a functional keyboard with Ctrl+W, everything will be fine. 

Just the notion that you can stream anime for free or without having to pull out coins in your pocket well, ads would not be a problem at all. But, well, it may be filled with pop-up ads. Still, the great thing about it that will probably change your mind is that the animes are frequently if not regularly updated, so how’s that for a free streaming site. 


There is nothing to beat around the bush with this streaming site. I would go too far to say that it is the best free anime streaming site. What would make me say that, well, Animeshow houses the top 100 most iconic, famous, and legendary anime there is. If that does not turn some wheels in your head, I do not know what is. 

Aside from all that pretty exemplary feature, one great thing about Animeshow is how it is a holistic site in which it offers a summary of the anime as well as when it started and when it was finished. You can also search for an anime based on its popularity. 


It may be the most underrated free anime streaming site out there. But the thing is, it is underestimated. The fact that it houses a comprehensive list of anime and AnimeDao has a randomize in which the site will choose or pick an anime for you to watch. That could potentially be your next anime to be put on, favorite of swoon over. 


Are you looking for a free anime streaming site with a clean user interface and minimal ads? Well, take a deep breath, and you can shout if you want to because the long search and long haul is over; 9anime is here to save you from that rut. But always remember that free streaming sites keep their sites running by having ads.

But do not worry; you can still have an uninterrupted anime streaming extravaganza since it only has minimal ads. Get this; you can choose your environment as they have the Light Mode and Dark Mode option.


It would be remiss not to mention this stunning platform as it will give you the tingles in your skin as you can bathe in the bounty of their anime. You can stream anime in whatever genre you like, whether it be action, adventure, splice of life, horror, and anything in between; they sure have it for you. 

You will not be disappointed with the wide array of anime in their repertoire. AnimeFrenzy also provides tons of information regarding the anime like the ranking, rating, and even reviews. In that way, it is helpful to the audience to choose what anime will fit their taste.


In this day, age, and situation, most of us are stuck in our homes, bored and looking for something that will give joy to our eyes and our system, and one way to do that is watching anime. No money to pay for subscriptions? These streaming sites will provide you with fun without payment as it is for free, like 100%

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