Best Android Apps for Blood Pressure Tracking in 2022

A desire to have a successful life depends on a healthy lifestyle. If you have good health, you can encounter all your life challenges.

Having a blood pressure problem is quite hazardous as it can prevent you from performing daily activities and put your life in danger. So, keeping track of your blood pressure is necessary as it will lead you to live a healthy life.

High or low blood pressure becomes a serious problem for you as your age grows, but tracking your blood pressure must be a part of your daily routine. You can save yourself from severe health issues if you diagnose your blood pressure early.

Technology has made various advancements over time, and building the best android applications to control Blood Pressure Norms is one of the best innovations.

Now, it is quite easy to track your blood pressure using Android apps compatible with your Android devices. Let’s explore the best five android apps for blood pressure tracking.

Best Android Apps for Blood Pressure Tracking in 2022

There is no need to worry about tracking your blood pressure when plenty of apps compatible with your Android devices are available. Below are the apps that help you to keep an eye on your blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Log

Blood pressure Log is one of the best Android apps that can measure your blood pressure and analyze all the information effectively.

Observing other parameters, including heart rate, weight, and exercise, is also helpful through this app. It keeps you updated about the high, low, and normal blood pressure readings. The results are shown in statistics and graphs through this app.

The key features of a Blood pressure log include monitoring your oxygen saturation, glucose levels, and weight. It customizes every measurement in the form of adding descriptions and tags. You can download the results as a document to consult with the doctor.

Compatibility: Android

Blood Pressure Watch

Sometimes it can be difficult to check your blood pressure by following a proper pattern daily. The blood pressure watch is a helpful android app to collect and evaluate facts about your BP; these features are counted as the key advantages of this application.

You can set reminders to record your blood pressure through this comprehensive tracking tool.

The most significant feature of the Blood Pressure Watch is that it helps you add multiple profiles, which means you can also keep track of the BP records of your family and friends.

The appearance-changing option of this application makes it more appealing to you. Get the advantage of creating multiple accounts and managing them effectively. You can share the files through email, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Compatibility: Android


SmartBP is specially designed to keep track of both diastolic and systolic blood pressure, as well as check the pulse rate. It controls all the data about your blood pressure readings and their change.

You can use it easily to record your blood pressure as well as you can check your weight. One of these great android apps is advantageous as it can save your BP measurements and helps you to add details about whether you measure blood pressure before or after a meal.

The key feature of this application is that it enables you to keep track of your health with android devices.

In addition, you can send the results of your blood pressure to the people you want, including your doctor, through email and SMS. It is on your fingerprints to set reminders and share your blood pressure readings with anyone.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Cardio Journal

Cardio Journal is an effective application among various android apps to track all blood pressure values. It is also the easiest way to share BP readings with your health consultant or any other person.

You can keep track of the blood pressure evaluations using the diastolic and systolic ranges. The pulse rate can also be recorded understandably.

The best thing about Cardio Journal is that it does not contain any ads and can be accessed freely.

It is difficult for many people to track their blood pressure readings daily; Cardio Journal solves this issue.

It has introduced the feature of blood pressure reminder that helps you to measure your BP regularly. It is user friendly and vibrant application that is free to use without any charges.

You can set the alarms for the BP medications prescribed by your doctor.

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Blood Pressure App: High & Low

This is one of the finest blood pressure-tracking Android apps that allows you to track your blood pressure and detect information about its changes.

The key focus of this application is the indication of hypertonia. The record of blood pressure is kept in the form of categories such as high, low, and normal. You can measure your pulse rate and heartbeat to check your health properly.

The key features of this application include the section on health status summary, which helps obtain a complete report of your blood pressure evaluations.

If you need to visit the doctor, you can set the alarm on the app to remind you. It also gives you the advantage of compiling diagrams and graphs to assist you in analyzing blood pressure figures.

Compatibility: Android

Final Words

We all know health is important, so you must take care of it. Many people worldwide suffer from blood pressure problems and cannot track their blood pressure regularly due to various circumstances.

The above-mentioned best android apps for blood pressure tracking are the best considerations in 2022. You can rely on any enlisted application to keep track of your blood pressure and save your data effectively.

In addition, you can check your blood pressure statistics, pulse rate, and weight anytime you desire. But this is only possible if you have an android device with you; otherwise, you can use these apps.

Overall, all the applications are trusted by the experts and do not require you to visit the doctor regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are blood pressure tracking apps useful?

The blood pressure tracking apps sound interesting to hear as they have made it convenient and easy to measure blood pressure anywhere and anytime. Blood pressure is a significant factor in calculating heart health; still, you should not fully rely on any application but visit the doctor often.

What are the benefits of blood pressure tracking applications?

There are multiple advantages of these applications, such as you can:

Track various records of your blood pressure data
Obtain the history of various blood pressure readings
Share your blood pressure details with your healthcare provider remotely