Why Bergamot Oil Is The Perfect Essential Ingredient For Your Home?

Some might find the fragrance of Bergamot Oil to be quite interesting. In one sniff, you may recognize that it has a vague reminiscence of earl grey tea. Popular among tea lovers across the world, the floral aroma is not only used for hot beverages but it is now becoming a staple beauty and aromatherapy ingredient. Right from the heart of Italy, Bergamot Oil hails many benefits such as skin revitalization as well as a relaxant to keep your stresses and anxieties at bay.

Because of this interesting quality, it holds two opposing benefits such as its ability to relax as well as energize you. This makes it the perfect natural source to use throughout the waking hours of the day. For this reason, Bergamot Oil is predominantly included in relaxation, massage, and beauty regimes. This all-power and all-natural ingredient has reached the height of fame and we’ll prove to you why. Here is a tell-all guide on Bergamot oil and all the incredible qualities it has to offer.

What is an Essential Extract?

An essential extract seems to come from natural sources such as bark, flowers, roots, and seeds. It has a high potency meaning it cannot be used alone and requires a carrier extract in order to do the job justice. Plucked right from nature, each essential extract poses incredible relaxation and self-care benefits for you. Instances of essential extracts such as lemon, orange, and as we’re all aware, Bergamot Oil has its own emotional effects with citrus types being known to uplift and boost positive moods in individuals.

These extracts are then paired with carrier extracts such as grapeseed, jojoba, and sweet almond to decrease the potency, allowing you to use them for topical application. One aspect of their strength is their aroma, with a very strong and vibrant fragrance more than ten times stronger than the original source. These essential extracts all help improve a variety of areas such as beauty, wellbeing and of course, holds a great hobby for aromatherapy enthusiasts. As a result, essential extracts are used in a wide range of products such as serums, candle wicks, and even massage remedies. Let’s jump right in and get to know all about Bergamot Oil and why it’ll be great to put on your shelf.

What is Bergamot Oil?

Bergamot Oil is one particular essential extract that is likened to sweet orange and lemon and has a citrus scent. Discovered in regions surrounding Southeast Asia as well as a few areas in South Italy, this natural source of goodness is totally underrated for its incredible qualities. With an appearance that is similar to the look of a pear with the taste of an orange, its green shade and wavy texture make it quite a unique look.

What is Bergamot  Oil
What is Bergamot Oil

In Greece, Bergamot Oil is popularly used in sweetmeats and is the ingredient found in Earl Grey tea, making it used in aromatherapy and culinary cuisines. It is widely cultivated due to its linalyl acetate, linalool, and limonene ingredients, which are highly beneficial to the body. It can both relax and uplift people, making Bergamot Oil the perfect essential extract to use. Because of this reason, it is used in a variety of different applications ranging from aromatherapy to beauty recipes.

What are the Benefits of Bergamot Oil?

Baby Smooth Skin

For anyone looking for oh-so-soft skin, look no further than the incredible gifts jam-packed into Bergamot Oil. As it has organically clean and natural ingredients it is perfect to use for a cleanser as it will gently and softly work on your skin. This will leave your skin feeling revitalised and plumped up. As a result of citrus aroma, this is an added benefit as your skincare will smell lovely and fragrant. This is perfect for getting rid of skin irritation and restoring balance in the body, preventing breakouts from clogging up your pores.

Bergamot Oil is essential for keeping the skin hydrated and youthful, giving a glow no other extract could offer. Trade-in your commercial hand sanny for Bergamot Oil instead. It is highly essential to recognize that you must do a patch test prior to use to prevent any onset reactions from occurring. As well as cleansers, Bergamot Oil is perfect to use in a massage treatment as well as other skincare remedies and products.

Mood Booster

One incredible aspect about Bergamot Oil is that it helps improve negative moods such as anxiety and depression, making it the perfect mood booster. Most citrus types such as Bergamot Oil have uplifting and energizing properties. For the best way to begin your day, this extract will help you get up and ready.

This allows you not only to feel uplifted but also steady and calm, making it a powerful natural ingredient to use. It keeps the nervous system from going haywire, keeping you peaceful and soothed without any worries in the world. By adding it to your fragrance, diffuser and massage treatment, you can definitely allow your moods to skyrocket.

Benefits of Bergamot  Oil
Benefits of Bergamot Oil

From Barely There To Gorgeous Hair 

Brittle hair is not an attractive look for any guy or girl. One way to not only allow your skin to glow but your hair to grow is Bergamot Oil. This solution ultimately improves hair sheen and bounce as a result of its high concentration of vitamin C, giving you a luscious and thick head of hair. For hair that is getting on the drier side, you can benefit as it is highly hydrating providing all the moisture you need for your locks. This will allow your hair to look youthful and full of bounce, ultimately improving your overall mood. In addition to its floral scent, your hair will smell absolutely wonderful with Bergamot Oil used in shampoo and conditioning treatments. Let your hair shine! 

DIY Recipes 



  • 2 tablespoons of Baking Powder 
  • 2 tablespoons of Cornstarch
  • 2 tablespoons of Jojoba Extract  
  • 4 tablespoons of Virgin Coconut Extract  
  • 8 drops of Bergamot Oil
  • 4 drops of Ylang Ylang Extract
  • Jar or canister to place the deodorant mixture 


  • Turn the coconut extract and shea butter solid mixture into liquid with the help of the double boiling method. You can do this by boiling the water in a saucepan and placing a glass bowl of the mixture on top when it boils.
  • In this transparent bowl, you can add in cornstarch and baking powder for the dry ingredients.
  • Add in the wet ingredients, including Bergamot Oil and the other essential and carrier extracts.
  • Keep the mixture tightly sealed in a jar or canister. It is preferred to use a tiny mason glass jar you can easily take around with you from the shops to the gym.

Hand Sanitiser


  • 12 drops of Bergamot Oil
  • 12 drops of Lemon Extract
  • 6-8 drops of Orange Extract
  • 4-6 drops Patchouli Extract
  • 200 mL Glass Spray Bottle
  • ½ a cup of Witch Hazel
  • Glass Rod


  • Compile all your ingredients in one place.
  • Put the Witch Hazel into the glass spray bottle.
  • Place drops of Bergamot Oil and the other ingredients listed.
  • Use a rod to combine all the essential and cleaning ingredients together.
  • Place it on your hands and rub for clean and smooth hands!
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