Top 9 Benefits of Playing College Basketball

College provides a ton of extra-curricular activities like basketball for students to participate in. Playing college basketball provides plenty of benefits, from being a source of physical activity to providing fun and helping prepare for the real world.

Physical Activity

Playing sports, like basketball, in college has a huge potential to enhance a person’s wellbeing. This is good for both physical and mental health, which, in turn, will help students immensely with their academic studies and live a balanced life.

Regular physical activity is the best thing for health. It improves fitness, weight management, cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of serious illnesses and diseases. It’s great for brain health, by improving mental alertness, focus, judgment skills, and mood. It helps with mental health by increasing self-esteem, energy, and confidence. At the same time, it can also reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.

Playing College Basketball Physical Benefits
Playing College Basketball Physical Benefits

Study and Play

The main reason students go to college is to get an education and a degree in a chosen field. However, many colleges and universities cater to both study and sport, allowing a student with ambition in sport to get the best of both worlds. What can be better than studying and playing your favorite sport?

Athletes dream of a professional career in sport, but not every athlete will get the chance to fulfill those dreams. Therefore, having education or degree to fall back on in life is only going to be an advantage.


Many colleges and universities have excellent scholarship programs to help athletes achieve their dream while getting a first-class education. Getting a scholarship to an elite college or university to play college sport can propel an athlete into professional sport better than any other platform. Major leagues such as the NFL and NBA are known to scout for talent predominantly from the nationwide pool of college athletes.

Of course, not everyone will get a college scholarship to play basketball. Competition is fierce. But those that are dedicated to the game and put in the hard yards will be best placed to take advantage of scholarships.

Playing College Basketball Educational Benefits
Playing College Basketball Educational Benefits

Top Coaches & Training

Colleges and universities hire some of the best coaches and trainers in the country to head up the various sports programs offered on their campuses. College basketball programs are no exception, drawing some of the most enviable coaches in the game. These are professionals that have played the game at the college or professional level or have been around the sport for the better part of their lives. Increasingly, colleges are turning to coaches with NBA experience or former NBA players to join their ranks.

College coaches want the best for their athletes and will go that extra mile to ensure an athlete’s success. Ultimately, an athlete’s success and a coach’s success are not mutually exclusive. They’re one and the same. The best coaches can also become invaluable mentors in the game and life.

Top-Notch Facilities

College campuses have some of the best training facilities, gyms, weight rooms, etc. All of which are free to students and accessible 24/7, 7days a week. Having the latest equipment in an elite gym on hand allows an athlete to stay on top of his training and studies all in one place. Most of these facilities will come kitted out with swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and saunas, which are handy for relaxing and recovery after tough workouts.

Tutoring & Support

Tutoring and all kinds of support for athletes are available with many colleges and universities, set up to aid athletes to manage their demanding academic and sports schedules. That’s a luxury that other students may not have or have easily accessible.

Life Experience & Skills

Playing college team sports like basketball is a great source of life skills that will stay with a college student after graduation. Team sports are predicated on principles of teamwork, hard work, commitment, responsibility, sportsmanship, leadership, and following instruction, amongst other things. These are skills that apply to life after college.

Attention & Fame

Playing college basketball is the best way to build a resume and profile to attract the attention of professional leagues. College sport is big business, including college basketball, and it draws huge media attention, interest from NBA and WNBA scouts, and the focus of the sports betting industry. NCAAB odds, for example, are some of the most bet-up sports odds across multiple sports betting platforms, and never more so than during March Madness when the entire country is glued to college basketball in the pursuit of the national championship.

Fun & Travel

Playing college basketball is a great way to add fun to your collegiate experience. As well, it’s an opportunity to travel around the country for games and tournaments. Traveling is an amazing experience that provides an opportunity to meet new people, experience new things and places, and learn about the different regions of the country.

College basketball schedules are packed with games all over the city, state, and beyond. Travel is part of the game and players get a chance to see places they might never have had the opportunity to see before while going to play tournaments.

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