Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a form of medical treatment that uses knowledge of the skeleton and the muscular system to relieve pain and make mobility easier.

Since it can potentially treat a wide variety of health problems, each physical therapy treatment plan is determined on a case-by-case basis between the physical therapist and the patient.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that physical therapy can have on a person’s well-being and life.

What Do Physical Therapists Do?

Physical therapists work with their patients and have an understanding of their unique medical histories to provide a tailored treatment plan intended to make their lives easier.

This can involve prescribing particular stretches or exercises to help keep a part of the body mobile or to rehabilitate it after injury.

Physical therapy is often used alongside other treatments for a more rounded approach to a patient’s wellness plan.

For example, people with arthritis might be given medication by their doctor and visit a physical therapist regularly to alleviate the painful symptoms.

Releasing Muscle Tension

Sometimes a tightened, cramping or otherwise tense muscle can bring severe pain. This might be due to an injury playing sport or an underlying health condition causing involuntary muscle clenching or spasms.

Physical therapy is used to help relax these muscles and return them to a functional state where the patient is more in control of relaxing or tensing each muscle as needed.

Helping Recovery from Sports Injuries

There are so many different ways that an athlete can become injured, no matter what sport they participate in.

Harm to the body during sport can lead to improper healing or lasting damage, which can then impact a person’s everyday life and ability to exercise.

If you play a sport and have found that an injury is causing you continued aggravation, search for physical therapy in Wilmington to start the process of recovering.

For people who love to stay active, physical therapy can help them to continue to use their bodies to the fullest as quickly as possible after an injury.

This is why physical therapists are waiting in the wings of most major sporting events to provide immediate care to athletes and sportspeople should they become injured during play.

Alleviating Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common complaint for many people. It can stem from several root causes, most typically arthritis.

Arthritis is a joint inflammation that hinders mobility and causes pain, which is why treatment from a physical therapist can be hugely beneficial to an arthritis sufferer.

Regaining Mobility After Treatment

Some forms of medical treatment, whether they are surgical or medical, can leave a patient less mobile than before. This might be down to weakened muscles or tissue damage.

During physical therapy, different techniques are used to bring a patient’s movement levels up, with the intention of either matching or exceeding the mobility they had before treatment.

Physical therapy can help with such a wide range of health problems, and many patients see positive results throughout and after treatment.