Benefits of Frozen Fruit

Many of us believe that fruits or vegetables are way healthier when they are fresh rather than frozen. But is this really so? Do frozen fruits lose most of their nutritional properties?

Let’s deep-dive into these essential questions and discover the whole truth about frozen fruits and vegetables, what can be the benefits and what are the downsides of freezing them. How many vitamins do fruits and vegetables lose when frozen compared to when they are stored fresh?

Indeed, most of the products, be it vegetable or fruit, have most of the healthy substances while they are very fresh, for example, just recently picked from the tree. But can we consider store-bought vegetables that fresh? It is probably not, bearing in mind that it takes several days until the product is delivered to the counter. In this case, buying frozen foods might seem not that bad an idea.

Advantages of Frozen Fruit

Studies show that freezing kills around 10-30 % of vitamins, which is not a lot compared to boiling, drying, or marinating the product. So, if you are planning to extend your vegetable shelf life, then freezing might be the best option in order not only to enjoy its taste later but also to preserve most of its nutritional benefits.

Comparing frozen vegetables with fresh ones, it is important to consider that most leafy greens and vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower may lose around 70% of their vitamins and other healthy properties just after two days. Knowing that, freezing these vegetables makes total sense. It’s a fact that fresh products lose their nutritional properties way faster than if they are frozen.

Ofter, fruits are transported from other countries. In such cases, they are still being picked green. This way, they stay up longer, and by the time they are delivered on the store shelves – they look fresh and tasty. The fact is, fruits which were picked up green don’t contain the full amount of vitamins, as if they would if they were picked up in a proper time. In the case of frozen fruits or vegetables – products are being picked up ripe, and after that, being frozen, so it ensures that the maximum amount of the vitamins is preserved.

Another argument towards frozen fruits or vegetables is the fact that during freezing, most of the bacterias die. Therefore, the chance of getting poisoned is way lower when consuming the vegetable after it was frozen than if it is fresh.

Also, to extend shelf life, manufacturers often treat veggies with various chemical preservatives, which obviously is not healthy. When the product is frozen, it is not being done, as it will stay long enough in any case.

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Disadvantages of frozen fruit

Of course, it’s not only about benefits. Sometimes, frozen fruit may have disadvantages. It may happen that the product was frozen when it already was not fresh. To avoid that, it is better to buy frozen products from well-known and quality brands.

All kinds of products can be frozen only once. After it thaws, freezing it repeatedly will cause a significant loss of nutrients and affect the flavor of the product. To make sure the package was not defrosted, take it into your hand and touch – fruits should not be frozen to each other but crumbly. Otherwise, it may indicate that the package was frozen repeatedly.

When buying frozen fruits or vegetables, always check the expiration date and the method of freezing. Both should be written on the package. It is better if the product was frozen with a so-called “quick-freezing” process; in that case, fruits or vegetables preserve the maximum amount of vitamins.


To sum up, in most cases, you should not avoid frozen fruits, especially during the winter season. Only high-quality fruits are selected for freezing, so it is much better than other “freshly bought” fruit that can be stored for months without signs of spoiling.

 Frozen fruits may be less healthy than fruits picked up no longer than a day ago, but in all other cases, it has only advantages. We hope you found this article helpful!

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