Benefits of Consulting Exosomal Hair Restoration Specialist in Lakewood Ranch

Hair loss is a common problem every person faces in their life. Some have excess strands of hair fallout that compel them to consult a hair specialist for a permanent hair growth solution. There are many traditional and advanced therapies helpful in stopping hair loss. One such effective method is Exosomal hair restoration. 

Exosomal hair restoration:

No doubt, it is a new approach to treating hair loss issues. People are satisfied with the therapy results as hair growth has become a regular phenomenon, and there are no side effects to endure. Exosomes can be rightly stated as a form of micro-vesicles. It helps the body with intercellular communication related to cells’ proper functioning. 

Stem cells therapy and PRP are effective solutions for permanent hair growth. The therapies are based on the simple fact that stem cells and platelets have ample growth factors capability to improve hair growth and help in stimulating other body functions. However, exosomes have innumerable growth and re-growth factors that support healing, rejuvenating, and thickening the hair. 

You can have this no-surgery treatment done by expert hair specialist Dr. Martin Maag in Lakewood Ranch. In the initial consultation meeting, you can learn more about the therapy process, its benefits, and its cost. Their expert team is sure to provide you with safe treatment that eliminates your worry about baldness or thinning of hair. 

Ways the treatment works:

  • Your scalp is numbed by using a local anesthetic.  The exosomes are injected into the scalp.  Your head will feel numb for a while. Some patients may even feel numbness for a couple of hours. Hence, it is best to rest for the day after having the treatment.
  • Many patients don’t need to have the treatment again. The results may be realized in a few months. After a year, if required, can again have retreatment. The lasting effects depend upon many factors like age, genetics, and health conditions. 
  • It is a safe method that needs no surgery. The discomfort is minimal. Some people experience mild fever and headache. This hair growth therapy is a natural remedy to grow hair again. 

Most of the patients realize the effects for eight to nine months, then if needed, can have the treatment again. However, if they maintain their mental health and eat nutritious food, the treatment is needed to follow again. 

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