What Are the Benefits of Car Insurance for Single Moms?

Car insurance is required for many drivers to operate a motor vehicle on the road legally. Insurance policies provide coverage for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles. The primary purpose of an auto insurance policy is to provide financial protection for bodily injury and property damage claims that result from motor vehicle incidents. However, while car insurance is required in many places and is very beneficial in the event of an accident, it can be expensive.

As discussed, auto insurance is a requirement in many places. The majority of states require that all drivers carry a minimum amount of liability insurance to operate any vehicle legally. Liability insurance protects other drivers if the policyholder causes an accident. However, if you only carry the mandatory liability insurance, you and your vehicle will not be protected. Liability insurance will pay bodily injury and property damage claims to other drivers if you are at fault. The average cost of liability coverage is around $550 per year.

As a result of the limited coverage offered by liability insurance, many drivers opt for collision and comprehensive coverage, also known as full coverage. Auto insurance that offers full coverage will protect you and your vehicle regardless of who is at fault for an accident. Additionally, a full coverage car insurance policy will pay for damages that result from non-accident-related events such as theft, vandalism, and acts of nature. If you finance or lease a vehicle, the financial institution will usually require you to carry full coverage until the loan is paid in full. Across the United States, the average for full coverage auto insurance is about $1,600 per year.

Various types of Insurance protection are important for families to be financially protected. For single mothers who find it difficult to pay for health insurance, various forms of government aid such as Medicaid can help with those costs. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of help available to assist with car insurance rates. However, the good news is that affordable car insurance for single moms can be found through comparison shopping and available discounts.

Comparison Shopping

Comparing plans, coverages, and insurance companies is the best way for single moms to find an affordable car insurance policy. Online comparison tools allow drivers to enter basic information and then receive a list of quotes. These comparison tools shop drivers around to various insurance companies to locate the best rates and coverage options. Once you are presented with several offers, you can compare plans, rates, coverages, and insurance companies to find the best policy to meet your needs. For single moms looking to save money on insurance rates, comparison shopping might be the best way to get affordable coverage.

Benefits of Car Insurance for Single Moms


Another way for single moms to get low insurance rates is to take advantage of several insurers’ discounts. Factors such as age, location, driving record, and vehicle type can all impact insurance rates. Your record as a safe, accident-free driver is the best way to score lower rates. Many insurers offer good driver rebates as long as you maintain a clean driving record. Additionally, you might be able to get discounts for having certain vehicle safety equipment or bundling multiple insurance policies. Some insurers will also offer discounts for paperless billing statements and for setting up automatic electronic monthly payments.

Car insurance is a requirement for most drivers and is needed in case of an accident. However, insurance premiums can be expensive for single parents who are relying on one income. The best way to find lower, more affordable rates is to comparison shop across various insurance companies. Additionally, many insurers offer discounts to help lower rates even further. Whether you are a single parent or anyone else looking for chapter car insurance, you can find the right plan for your needs with some time and research.

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