What Are The Health Benefits of A Full Body Checkup in Singapore

As life expectancy increases worldwide, so do the prevalence of chronic diseases. This is why it is important to detect any form of the disease at its early stage. And that’s what a full body checkup can help you achieve. Let’s see: What Are The Health Benefits of A Full Body Checkup in Singapore?

If you are worried about your health, do not shy away from visiting Singapore’s clinics for a thorough examination by one of our experienced doctors. A simple screening can be all it takes to take preventative measures or detect signs of an underlying condition. Here is why it’s crucial to have a body checkup regularly:

Full Body Checkup in Singapore
Full Body Checkup in Singapore

Benefits of A Full Body Checkup in Singapore

Benefits of A Full Body Checkup in Singapore

Check for heart diseases

If your doctor finds any blockage in the arteries, he/she will recommend a series of lifestyle changes that can help avoid a cardiac event or arrest. You may be required to give up smoking and drinking, exercise more often, maintain a healthy weight, and control high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Keep diabetes under check

The most obvious symptom of diabetes is high blood sugar levels, which may go undetected for years. By visiting a doctor regularly for a full body checkup in Singapore, you can ensure that you can maintain healthy sugar levels in the body through the right plan of diet and medication. This is crucial if you have had Diabetes mellitus type 1 or 2 in your family history.

Detect obesity early enough to avoid related complications

Obesity has become one of the major public health issues, especially with rising cases of Diabetes and Cardiovascular diseases worldwide. These conditions can lead to more problematic health complications such as heart attack or stroke, blindness, and other health problems if not detected early.

Detect cancers early enough for successful treatment outcomes

Reach out for regular full-body checkups in Singapore while adhering to a healthy lifestyle to avoid lasting complications.

Keep blood sugar levels normal without side effects

Blood sugar levels fluctuate naturally throughout the day due to eating meals or even during sleep. However, certain conditions can be difficult to maintain healthy blood sugar levels naturally through diet and exercise. For example, people with Diabetes mellitus type 1 or type 2 may find it difficult to control blood sugar levels through diet and exercise alone.

Benefits of A Full Body Checkup in Singapore
Benefits of A Full Body Checkup in Singapore

Check for thyroid problems before symptoms begin to show

The thyroid gland controls the rate of metabolism in the body, which helps maintain weight and energy production throughout your body. Most people tend to experience weight gain due to high thyroid hormone levels, which often go undetected until they are diagnosed with hyperthyroidism (or an overactive thyroid).

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism include irritability, rapid heartbeat, hand tremors, sweating, and changes in bowel movements, among others.

Detect cancers early enough for successful treatment outcomes

Since cancer is the number 2 biggest killer disease in Singapore, you must receive regular checkups even if you are not experiencing any symptoms. Cancer screening tests can detect cancers before they show signs or symptoms.

At our clinics in Singapore, we offer a variety of tests, including pap smears to check for cervical cancer, mammography to detect breast cancer, and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing for men to screen for prostate cancer, among others.


During a full body checkup, your doctor will screen for more than 30 diseases and conditions, including cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. This is crucial as early detection means the difference between life and death.

Remember to consult any health professional if you experience any unusual symptoms like bleeding in urine or stool, pain in the upper abdominal region (stomach area), changes in bowel movement (constipation/diarrhea), or an unusually long period when taking medications.