8 Reasons You Should Consider Becoming A Nurse Practitioner

So you’re thinking about becoming a nurse practitioner? It is an excellent decision! Nurse practitioners (NP) are in high demand, and the job market looks good for the foreseeable future. Nursing is a rewarding career, and there are many opportunities for advancement. This blog post will discuss what a nurse practitioner is and the necessary qualifications. We will also highlight why you should consider becoming a nurse practitioner! So keep reading for more information on this rewarding career.

Nurse Practitioners – the saviors

Nurse practitioners are one of the essential parts of the healthcare system. They provide crucial care to patients and play a vital role in the medical community. NPs are nurses with complete additional education and training, making them qualified to provide primary care services, including:

  • health improvement and preventing diseases
  • diagnosis and medication of common illnesses
  • management of chronic conditions
  • prescribing medications
  • providing mental health services

Qualifications need to become an NP

Are you wondering what the requirements are to become a nurse practitioner? You must first be a registered nurse. You must also have a graduate degree from an accredited nursing program. You can look up and enroll in MSN to NP programs online to upskill without quitting your nursing job. These programs will teach you how to provide primary care services to patients. After completing your graduate program, you must pass an American Nurses Credentialing Center certification exam for licensure.

What it takes

So what does it take, other than required qualifications, to be a nurse practitioner?

  1. You must also be compassionate and patient.
  2. You must work well with others and have excellent communication skills.
  3. Nurses who want to become nurse practitioners must also be willing to continue learning throughout their careers.

Reasons to take up this career

There are several reasons to become a nurse practitioner. Here are just a few of them:

Working in all settings

If you can’t imagine yourself working in one place for years, becoming a nurse practitioner might be the right job. As a nurse practitioner, you can work in various settings, including clinics, hospitals, schools, non-profit organizations, and even people’s homes. Nurse practitioners are qualified to provide care for patients of all ages.

Flexible schedule

Flexible schedule

As a nurse practitioner, you will have a more flexible schedule than RNs. It means that you will work the hours you want to work and have more time for family and other activities. If you take the entrepreneurial route, you’ll have more control over your working hours.

Tremendous career growth

Everyone wishes to move forward in their career, and as a nurse practitioner, you will also have that opportunity. NPs are in high demand, which means many job openings are available for those who want to advance. According to studies, occupations for nurse practitioners, anesthetics, and midwives can expect a 45 percent rise by 2029. It is also likely that over 110,000 new employment opportunities will appear by then.

This growth is because there is an increase in the number of people seeking medical attention. Nurse practitioners offer a high-quality and cost-effective way to provide health care.

A rewarding career

When you become a nurse practitioner, you will be helping others every day. It can be gratifying and satisfying. NPs have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of their patients. You will see your patients progress and recover, making all the hard work worthwhile.

Great benefits

As a nurse practitioner, you will enjoy some great benefits. These can include paid vacation time, sick days, and medical insurance. You will also earn more money than RNs. You will also have the opportunity to continue learning and advancing your skillset. It means that you will always be able to provide the best possible care for your patients.

A wide range of patients

One of the most significant aspects of working as a nurse practitioner is treating a broad range of patients. You could see newborns one day and grownups the next. It allows you to get experience with various people, which keeps your job interesting.


It is probably the number one reason people decide to become nurse practitioners. The average annual salary for a nurse practitioner in the United States is around $100,000. It is significantly more than the typical wage of a registered nurse, which is approximately $60,000 per year. Many reasons contribute to this discrepancy in pay. Still, the most important is that nurse practitioners have more responsibilities and autonomy than registered nurses.

Job security

Job security

The nursing shortage means there will always be a demand for nurse practitioners. Even if something disrupts the healthcare system, hospitals and clinics will still need nurses to provide primary care to patients. Nurse practitioners will always have a job in some capacity.


Undoubtedly, being a nurse practitioner is an admirable career choice. If you are convinced, it’s time to take the next step! Start by researching schools that offer nurse practitioner programs and work towards this exciting goal.